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Piercing Blow is a F2P MMO FPS for Windows, developed by Zepetto.

Piercing Blow is an exciting fast-paced free to play MMO first person shooter where players go head-to-head in team based and solo battles in a wide variety of game modes and maps offering player customisation with their choice of loadouts, gear and skins. With quest-based content and players are able to maximise their levelling capabilities, join and create their own clans and climb way up the rank ladder and partake in community challenging e-sports.

The core gameplay revolves around team focused battles where players can work cooperatively going up against rival teams either playing against random players or forming a Clan to compete with each other and find out who is the best. With a point scoring mechanism in the game players can earn rank, fame and reward as they climb the public leaderboard to show who is the best in the game. Using destructible elements in the game players can take Barriers, barrels and even destroy set architecture to gain tactical advantage and quicker manoeuvrability across the map and using the environment to their own advantage.

Players can choose from a variety of different characters, both male and female, that can be customised in a variety of ways from giving them different skins and costumes to upgrading their arsenal. Weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes from long-range sniper rifles, mid ranged automatic P90s, Desert Eagle pistols, shotguns, grenades and a variety of melee weapons such as knives and knuckledusters. Furthermore many weapons can be customised to improve and augment their functionality with a range of sites, scopes or dual magazines to offer up more firepower, players are able to optimise their character to best suit their style of play. Similarly players can also equip themselves with a wide range of body armours and helmets, ensuring they have the proper protection were even barriers and walls might not be enough to stop a sniper rifle.

Aside from gear Operators also have a variety of Skills that they can learn and equip such as increasing walk and run speed, helmet defence, accuracy and more; skills fall into different categories that can affect basic movement main skills that optimises the brunt of the character and Assist skills that can enhance secondary, melee and explosive weapons. Players also have access to other miscellaneous “skills” such as XP bonuses to help them level their character or quickly. Each skill has its own conditions that must be met before players can equip them and the skills themselves can be levelled up to make them more efficient and advanced over time helping players become stronger and more competitive.

There are six PVP game modes and one AI game mode available; Escape makes players spawn as either Dinosaurs or Humans, as a Human the objective is to reach the escape point whereas the Dinosaurs must stop them. Demolition task one team to plant C4 at a bomb site with the other team trying to defend them or take out the enemy with no respawns available, whereas Sabotage both teams must attack and objectives whilst defending their own assets and does allow respawn is with the match ending when the enemy objective is destroyed which will claim victory. Deathmatch is a time limit game with whoever gained the most kills being the victor and Search & Destroy is a team based deathmatch battle where players win a round by killing off all enemies on the other team and the overall winner is team that wins the most rounds. Custom mode allows players to play customise various game modes choosing which weapons are available whereas the AI Challenge are ideal for a training simulator to test your skills.

With 47 different maps available in the game battles take place in a variety of city regions, Safari jungle areas, abandoned Middle Eastern army bases, Cargo supply depots to some more well-known regions such as Match Picchu and a Mount Rushmore inspired map where players fight in and around huge stone faces into a mountain. Each map has been hand built to offer a wide range of tactics, vantage points and strategic elements restricting certain game modes to specific maps.

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Piercing Blow
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