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Path of Exile is a Free to play Fantasy MMORPG style game, developed by Grinding Gear Games for windows.

You begin your journey washed up on the shores of the dark Wraeclast continent, and exile of your homeland it is here that you must make a new life yourself, a life of survival and constant conflict against undead and the monstrous creatures that inhabit the land. Together with other survivors, exiles like yourself, you may adventure deep into this malign world uncovering fortune, fame and revealing the history of this cursed place.

Path of Exile is an action focused free to play role play MMO that allows players an almost unprecedented level of character and class customisation and offers up exciting PVE challenges in constantly random generated dungeon and exploration areas to keep the content fresh and interesting. As well as this there are exciting competitive PVP modes including arena battles, ladder matches, ranked play and more that give players the chance to earn specialised PVP gear for their accomplishments. The game itself is extremely item focused where trade is items is the only currency, in this inhospitable land money has no worth and only items that may prove useful to the next adventure have any value.

The game consists of seven different classes, each of which have strengths in one or more attributes that define their role. The three main attributes that the games classes and gear revolve around are strength (str) to determine your physical attacks and how much damage you can soak up in battle, dexterity (dex) to improve your speed and chance to evade attacks altogether and intelligence (int) for those more focused on the magical arts used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The seven classes consist of the Marauder (Str), the Ranger (Dex), the Witch (Int), the Duellist (Str/Dex), the Templar (Str/Int), the Shadow (Dex/Int) and the Scion (Str/Dex/Int).

Each class has its own talents and attributes but primarily their skills are defined by the items they have equipped and the combination of gems that they have socketed into them. Each item within the game has a number of sockets built into it, colour coordinated to match up with the three attributes, and can be a mix of all three. In the sockets players can fit skill and support gems, which will give access to new skills or boost them respectively. Skill gems give access to specific skills such as lightning strikes, cleave attacks, fireballs, raise undead minions and more, each being aligned to a specific attribute and having an attribute prerequisites that the player must personally meet before gaining benefits from the skill gem. Support gems are fit into special linked sockets and will give boosts, enhancements and bonuses to skill gems, but lack any particular power themselves.

Gems gain their own XP as the player uses them in battle, taking 10% of any XP earned and in time level up to become more powerful gems. These gems can be removed and traded and still retain their level so players can in fact make a profession of levelling up gems to trade them. Certain items are geared towards particular classes, determined by the combination of coloured sockets available (and marauder has no use for items with green dex or blue int sockets as they cannot use the skill gems that would be equipped in them). More powerful items can have up to 6 sockets making them extremely powerful when filled with gems.

Players also have access to the Passive Skill Tree, an elaborate web of skill nodes that players can spend skill points on to boost their passive abilities and change how they work, without actually giving new skills itself. There are over 1300 skill nodes, useful for all the different classes as each class uses the same tree, and players are able to make interesting combinations and hybrid classes depending on what passive skills they learn. Players can only pick up new skills that are linked to one that has already been learned, creating a long chain to reach distant and powerful skills deeper in the skill tree. The passive skill tree combined with the available skill gems means players can create truly unique characters with hundreds and thousands of different builds.

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Path of Exile
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