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Game Features

Definitive military action online role-playing game
Combo genres: RPG meets FPS
Animated with motion-captured technology
More than 300 various weapons
Fully 3D environments
Motion-captured animated characters
Form military units to battle enemies more efficiently
Exciting maps located in various locations around the world
Involving and interactive story

Background Story

In the near future, advances in the field of medicine yielded the discovery of a very important concoction that when consumed, would heal any injuries and restore lost stamina. Due to its almost magical-like properties, people started calling them potions. One of the ingredients crucial in making the potions was the Wild Reishi mushroom. Unfortunately, the Wild Reishi is a very rare mushroom and had to be cultivated in very sensitive conditions. The medical community was enthusiastic with the amazing healing properties of the potion but it never really caught on with the public and was eyed with much suspicion.

Indeed, the public were more worried about scant resources that threatened to throw the world in economic turmoil. This problem pushed governments into a frenzied panic and the world’s leaders quickly assembled at the UN Headquarters in Geneva to try and achieve a swift but sure resolution for the problem. Unfortunately, while the leaders were discussing in the conference, a renegade nuclear missile was launched at Geneva.

The missile landed on target and everything that mattered was instantly wiped off the face of the earth. With most of the world’s leaders killed, chaos soon erupted on a global scale.

In the west, large companies seeing an opportunity took control of the nations. After some sneaky behind-the-scenes manipulating, these large companies succeeded in wresting full control of almost all the western nations. Soon after, the large companies all merged to form a mega corporation called Talon Corporation. Talon became one of the most-influential powers in the world and before long, it started increasing its military budget.

At the opposite end of the globe, a different kind of unification was taking place. With their experienced leaders gone, the Asians lacked capable people to take over their countries. Due to economic mismanagement, the Asian nations suffered a terrible economic crisis and only one country was unaffected. The nation of Jade Tiger took advantage of this situation by quickly assimilating all the economically weak countries. Soon after, all of Asia was unified under the name of Jade Tiger. Realizing it would need to increase its military might due to its continual expansion, the government of Jade Tiger quickly formed a special unit of the army called FANG.

Meanwhile, in the now-devastated Europe, the usual flood of finger pointing and excuses ensued. It was inconclusive however, and the true culprit was never discovered. Anarchy and chaos chose to rule briefly until some people stood up and decided to take control. Amidst the turmoil, these people struggled to rebuild the whole of Europe under one nation. They called their young nation, The New Reich.

Outbreak of War

Many were taken by surprise when FANG, being controlled by power-mad generals, overthrew the Jade Tiger government in a quick and successful coup. The new Jade Tiger government went under many changes, amongst them the control of all private companies by the State.

Talon Corporation, having owned many of the companies that operated in Jade Tiger, protested but to no avail. The companies in Jade Tiger were now the possession of the government. The Talon Corporation Board of Directors immediately declared war against Jade Tiger and sent its troops to remove the leaders of Jade Tiger. Jade Tiger took imminent action and deployed its FANG troops to defend Jade Tiger.

The war waged on and both sides did not seem to have a clear advantage. It was around this time, that both nations started to realise the importance of potions in battle. Having the remarkable ability to heal wounds instantly, soldiers could fight on for much longer than before.

But the important ingredient for the potion, the Wild Reishi mushroom, was scarce and could not be cultivated in the lands of Jade Tiger and Talon as long as war was going on. So they turned to the New Reich for assistance. The New Reich, had only enough Wild Reishi for their own stocks and could supply neither Jade Tiger nor Talon. When the New Reich refused, both Jade Tiger and Talon threatened invasion of the New Reich. The New Reich had no choice but to arm itself for defense and still angered by the recent missile attack, went to war with the two invading armies.

A new World War erupted.

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