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As today, players can begin and develop illustrious careers as Space Pilots. Outer Galaxies is a free massively multiplayer online browser game. The MMOG Open Beta Version presents the player with a vast game world composed of 200 solar systems with 4,500 sectors divided into five galaxies. Players compete against thousands of other Space Pilots and against NPC’s (Non Player Characters) with advanced A.I. capabilities. Thousands of challenges and treasures can be won, ensuring that there is an exciting and unique course of the game for each player. Players can also influence their adventures by buying premium items in-game.

Choose your faction between Andromeda Federation (War raged until the rebel tribes defeated the Centauri Empire in the Andromeda Galaxy War. The Andromeda Federation formed) and Centuri Empire (After years of peace the people of Omega Centauri formed a monarchist and militant society that started to colonialise and exploit other civilizations).

Ready to play directly in your browser, it features full Realtime spaceship combat with Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment. Over 500 items to collect, trade and construct. Blueprint based construction system with custum ship crafting Refinement & Recycling system. AI driven NPCs with different tactics & behaviours. Asteroid harvesting to gain 14 different types of rawmaterials. 25+ useable spaceships. Full Player based market. Over 8 powerful premium ammunition types with special side effects. Hundreds of dockable stations. 60+ default avatars to choose from. And a rank system with 30 reachable ranks.

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Outer Galaxies
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