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Orcs Must Die: Unchained is a Free 2 Play Strategy MMO ( Fortress Siege/Tower Defense MOBA) developed by Robot Entertainment.

Produced by Robot Entertainment, Orcs Must Die: Unchained is a free to play action packed-based “fortress siege” MMO where players can choose from a variety of different classes/characters and go head-to-head against other players or challenging AI in an attempt to destroy their opponents defences and push through waves of minions into their base.

The game revolves around an attack and defend scenario, both players or teams must defend their own base using a wide variety of traps while simultaneously trying to push into the enemy’s base, fighting past traps, enemies, defences, guard NPC’s and other players. To win players must get their own minion forces that appear in waves at the beginning of every round into the enemy base and into the enemy’s portal, the first to get the required number of minions into the portal is the victor.

The minions that appear for both sides are chosen by the player, going to the minions spawn point the player can choose what types of minions appear in the wave and how many, at the beginning of each round the minions will spawn and take an automated path towards the enemy’s portal. The minions will not stop for anything, simply walking through traps and AI defences, however when they come upon and enemies door that blocks their path they’ll proceed to try and destroy it. This

Players are also able to upgrade their minions to make them more powerful and therefore a greater challenge for the opposition’s defences. Players upgrade their minions by spending in game currency that they acquire during the game, there are also able to open a secondary spawn gate so that the minions travel down two paths at the beginning of the round. Using the overhead map players are able to see where minions are travelling from, to see if the secondary minions spawn point has been accessed and also what level both gates have been upgraded to.

The players’ defences consist of doors and AI guardians, powerful NPC’s that can kill a player very quickly and should only be attacked when their attention is already occupied by minions, these defences are fully automated and are in place at the beginning of the game. The next line of defence is the player themselves, able to choose from dozens of different heroes, each of which has their own unique skills and abilities to aid them in battle with both new characters and some old faces from the previous Orcs Must Die titles. The heroes come in a variety of both melee and ranged combatants, with different defences and focuses such as minion healing, AOE attacks, charged melee attacks and more giving something to suit all different types of players.

Players can fully customise their heroes by collecting different cards through playing the game, these cards consist of gear items that can be equipped for the battle and give extra abilities, minions so that they can upgrade to even more powerful minion types and most importantly traps; the third line of defence for any player.

Traps cover a wide range of attacks, from oil patches to place on the floor that slow enemy movement, arrow walls that fired deadly arrows at minions and players, electricity conduits that can be placed on the roof to fry enemies as they try to pass by and so much more. Players are able to place their traps within the building areas of their own base, which takes up one third of the map with the area in the middle being a neutral point. Traps work well against minions, often able to hold them at bay whilst players in PVP with each other using their respective heroes.

Whether attacking or defending it is primarily the players that will have two kill off the waves of minions and the AI Guardians, guardians in particular do not respond once they have been killed so taking them down is a great victory. Battles can take a long time and are a constant slog back and forth as both teams take advantage in different ways and at the end of the player is rewarded with extra currency to spend in the in game shop to buy new cards and unlock different features.

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Orcs Must Die Unchained
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