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Game Genre: Free to play Fantasy MMORPG
Platforms: Web Browser
Developer: Dragonsmeet

This fantasy browser-based MMO RPG has elements of traditional Norse mythology where players will adventure across a fantasy realm, seeking out dangerous dungeons and going on journeys. The game is completely free to play with premium options for those who wish to speed up their gameplay and purchase items with real-world money. In the game players can choose from five different classes that offer up a variety of different styles of play to best suit the player. With a number of in-depth systems and features the game has a lot to offer to both new players and old.

Five classes available in the game are mage, warrior, Hunter, assassin and priest, each of which offer completely new experience and the option for strategic gameplay when working as a team. The warrior utilises their strong and able bodies as their best armour and weapon, dominating their enemies with their strength and heavy sword. Whilst the mage is weaker physically their magic power enables them to summon the natural elements wreaking devastating attacks from a distance. Priest gains their divine power and the gods themselves, filling a support role to heal their teammates they have long range attacks but low defences. Hunters are all about the damage performing high critical attacks from a distance and able to take down multiple targets with their rifles. Whilst the Hunter attacks from a distance the assassin likes to get up close and personal, fast, silent and deadly they are able to critical strike their enemies with their fearsome daggers.

Odin Quest is an extremely casual game, further emphasised by the automated options available to players, used to make life easier and questing much quicker. Opening up the quest log players can single click a button to automatically run towards the necessary location, either NPC of the area a player needs to go to when killing monsters. Once they reach the necessary location they are also able to auto attack, when this is activated the character will run from mob to mob killing and auto looting until they have completed the quest, a useful tool for grind quests where players are required to kill high number of the same creature. During combat players also get the option of using auto potions, where the character will replenish their health and mana as necessary providing potions are equipped. The game goes one step further and offers up a complete AFK mode where the player can have their character continue playing even when they are away from the computer.

There is a strong emphasis on rewarding players in the game, items, XP and gold are constantly earned and questing, killing mobs and also from a number of server events that are available at specific times of the day that players can join in on. There are also item claims that players can earn simply by being in the game as a timer constantly ticks down to when a player can next claim a reward; once claimed the clock will start ticking once more which encourages players to continue playing. Furthermore players can gain coupons by sharing the game on Facebook every 24 hours to their friends, offering up an invitation in return for in game rewards.

There are a number of features in the game that players can make the most of, including discovering and training up their own pet companions. Players will earn various pets as they play the game, each of which can be summoned into the game which will have the pet character follow you around. Pets serve a greater purpose than simply being cosmetic, they will assist players in battle and will gain their own XP as well as having purchasable skills to improve their combat abilities. Whilst PVE and questing is a major aspect of the game there is also a robust PvP/PKing feature where players are able to attack anyone, except party on Guild members, though this feature is only accessible to players over level 30 and can be opted in or out with the click of the “Vs Mode” button.

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Odin Quest
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