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Nova Genesis is a F2P Hero Building MMO RPG browser game, developed by R2Games.

Nova Genesis is a free to play browser-based fantasy themed MMORPG where players are able to choose from multiple classes as they adventure through a story rich game facing various challenges, earning experience and levelling up their hero character to improve their battle prowess. Players are able to play the game solo or work alongside other players cooperatively and even go head-to-head in PVP battles matching their wits and skills against other players from all across the world. As a browser-based MMO players can access the game directly through the games web browser after a quick registration and do not need to download any client to play.

Players will initially be able to choose from six different characters, broken down into three unique classes with both a male and female version: the Corsair, the Wraith and the Psyon. Between them they all fill a different role in battle that, depending on the character choice a player makes, can be mitigated and supported by other companion characters that are met throughout the game and added to your party to make up for any particular classes shortfalls i.e. a ranged Psyon being weaker defensively and so finding benefits with a strong physical tank companion at their side.

The game is extremely quest focused with players continuously speaking to NPC to guide them through the story driven content, bestowing rewards upon them of coins and XP that will go towards helping the player level up and kit themselves out with improved equipment and gear. Character avatar can be equipped with many different forms of armour, accessories and weapons to increase their overall Battle Rating, a numerical representation of how powerful they are compared to other players and AI challenges.

Weaponry plays a vital component to a heroes’ arsenal, particularly in the form of the devastating Nova Weapons that are unlocked as players clear a particular chapter, each weapon has its own lore and quest line attached to it and will directly improve players’ stats and abilities, including the companions in their squad. Other mechanics such as Titles can also be unlocked and players can equip Titles for other players to see floating above their characters head as both an indicator of how far they have progressed in the game, what types of achievements they have unlocked and also what passive bonuses they have access to with each title granting set abilities.

Another way for players to improve and customise their characters is through the Skills window, as players level up they will be able to put points into various attacks and abilities for their character, giving an element of customisation to separate them from other players and can be geared towards their own personal strategy depending on how they like to fight in battle. The biggest form of support will come from the companion characters that players will unlock when completing various acts and story milestones in the game, often having a specific level requirement before a new companion can join the group. These companions have their own unique skills and abilities that can help a player in battle and can also be levelled up and improved so that the player can face of even greater challenges.

The game offers a number of automated gameplay functions, most obviously in the form of auto pathing with quests where players rarely need to guide themselves around the map and with the click of a button the character will run from one NPC to the next, or lead them into the necessary area to complete their task. This automation bleeds into combat as well where both the player and their companions will automatically attack enemy opponents, however to perform their most powerful abilities and attacks players must manually use them on the hot bar and they will in turn devastate the enemy. In PVP such automated features do not help as players must actively optimise their attacks based on their cool down timers and combinations.

Nova Genesis is completely free to play but has multiple currencies in the game, with specific premium currency that can be purchased using real-world money and be used to buy a variety of boosters, individual items and VIP packs that will give players a number of advantages in the game.

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Nova Genesis
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