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Nosgoth is a Free-to-play MMO Third-Person-Shooter developed by Psyonix.

Nosgoth is a free to play team based third person “shooter” where players get to play as Vampires and their vampire hunting Human counterpart in exciting PVP Team Deathmatch bouts. With soon to be ten different classes divided between the two factions players are also able to customise their characters with a variety of Equipment choices and Perks.

The game falls into the popular Legacy of Kain franchise from Square-Enix, in a vacant point in the timeline where the main protagonist from the series Kain who ruled over the Vampire Empire has disappeared leaving a power vacuum between the remaining vampire clans. As they fight each other for dominance and control of territory the Human slave escapees and those that call themselves free humans have managed to band together and create a powerful fighting force. Now as the Humans march through the southern lands of Nosgoth to reclaim their shattered civilisation the Vampire clans are forced to band together to end their common enemy.

Primarily focusing on an asymmetrical gameplay where the battle is broken down into two rounds, when joining a match players are randomly assigned to the human or vampire team and at the end of the round will swap sides to play as the other faction. The game very much revolves around a melee (vampires) versus ranged (humans) mechanic where on their own Vampires are extremely strong and powerful, with strong melee attacks if they get close enough to the Humans then they can quickly overpower them. However, the Humans have the benefit of range and so can try to defeat the Vampires before they even get close enough to be a threat.

The Vampires are made up of currently five different classes, each class representing one of the six primary vampire clans from the series, with each class being designed from the general personality and look of the clans from the game’s lore. The Sentinel class is a flying vampire of Clan Razielim, able to drift on the air and dive to the ground to snatch up unsuspecting Humans, represented by the bat-like wings that their old leader Raziel had originally grown; similarly the Tyrant class of Clan Turelim signifies the power and strength that always belonged to the clan and has made them a formidable charging tank class. Vampires all focus on melee combat, once defeating their enemies they are able to feed on their blood to replenish their health points and have a wide range of abilities from superhuman leaps across the map, flying from tower to tower, climbing up walls and more.

The Humans in the game focus on different characters or regions from the lore, such as the Alchemist class being of the Red Sisters of Anacrothe, who was a famed alchemist from the series, and this all female cult are able fire alchemical potions from their guns. The Ironguard order houses the Hunter class, sworn Vampire hunters that have arisen from the ashes of the old Human Citadel, the Hunter uses long ranged heavy crossbows to take out his enemy, choosing to exchange unmatchable power versus the chance for multiple shots. The Humans are much softer than their Vampire counterpart and if caught alone can be killed much more easily, requiring strong teamwork from the group. Unlike Vampires who can heal from their kills the Humans must seek out the various healing stations dotted around the maps.

Players can customise their characters, levelling up each class individually as they play them, they can gain XP and currency through battles and spend them on Equipment and Perks that will both bolster their character in combat and give them a wide range of abilities to help them focus on being more offensive or defensive fighters.

There are two primary game modes available in Nosgoth, a classic Team Death match and a Siege mode. Team Deathmatch is simply a race for both teams to acquire a set number of kills, or the most kills before the time runs out, whereas Siege mode works in a similar fashion but the Humans have a point capturing objectives to try and complete where the Vampires will simply try to stop them (with no alternative objective) with both teams having a number of lives to do it in.

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