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NosTale F2P MMO RPG, developed by Entwell

NosTale is a free to play fantasy RPG with cute, family friendly animated graphics and themes that allow players to explore a vast and open world, finding adventure and influencing the game is story through their actions. Players can choose from a variety of classes, each of which can be specialised and explore a number of different in game features as well as meeting new players, grouping together and making lasting friendships as they explore the world together. Players can get their hands on classic MMORPG content such as PvE, Questing, Raiding and even PvP to put their skills against other players.

When first setting foot into the game all players start off as a level 1 Adventurer, the beginner class that allows players to get to grips with the systems and gameplay features, learning what type of character they might like to play as before giving them the option of choosing their first Basic Class at level 15. The three primary classes are Archer, Swordsman and Mage, each of which will take players down a specific linear path where their class advances each time they reach a level milestone, such as the Archer becoming a Ranger at level 36 and gaining access to Water Element attacks, then at level 46 they gain mastery over the shadow magic. There are seven different specialist milestones per Basic Class, as well as some unique specialists that can be acquired when players complete a particular Quest or Raid including the Chicken Specialist which allows players to move faster and prevents the typical three-minute debuff when a player is reborn or the pirate Specialist where players can fire a musket, hide in a barrel of Rome and other quirky actions.

Throughout players journey they will meet a variety of different characters that may join them as companions, these Partners may accompany players when they have are met during missions and players are able to have up to 3 different Partners accompany them (if meeting a new partner that the player wishes to have part of their group they must either dismiss them or use a Bead that allows them to keep, swap and trade acquired Partners). Partners can be upgraded with experience points earned through fighting alongside you and will offer up their own skills and abilities, often to counterbalance those that a player may lack due to their class choice. As well as Partners players can also acquire Pets, which can be acquired by defeating wild animals in battle and capturing them using a skill, players can own up to 10 pets as standard or 30 if they have purchased the slot expansion. As with characters and Partners players can improve their pets by gaining XP when they fight alongside you.

As well as being a chance to meet Partners the missions and Quests also offer the main driving story content of the game, focusing on the Main Quest that stretches the entire length of the game and is broken down into various Acts. There are also a variety of secondary and additional quests, typically revolving around collection or hunting based quests, that will give players extra rewards as well as enjoyable game content. Players are able to group together with up to 3 players, allowing them to take on more challenging content as well as completing quests more quickly. However, players also have the option of creating or joining their own Family, a collective organisation of up to 100 members that costs 200,000 gold to create and allows players to enter Family Raids, the Rainbow Battle as well as entering the Land of Death.

Not everyone wants to work together and live in harmony in NosTale and many players enjoy the thrill of PVP combat, fighting against other players in some of the open world PVP locations such as Glacernon, which pits two factions against each other, the Devils and the Angels, and players must join one of these factions unless they are in their own Family, in which case they have their own camp/action. Players will gain status for their camp when they kill the enemy faction members, when the status bar reaches 100% Lord Mukraju appears and the camp has to kill him which will earn them greater rewards.

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