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Nords: Heroes of the North is a Browser F2P MMO Strategy developed by Plarium for Web Browser / Facebook.

Nords: Heroes of the North is a MMORTS meets RPG where players are transported to the realm of Shingård where a dark entity has settles on the snowy lands and the dead have begun to rise and turn their sites upon the living as they maraude across the Kindom. Rise as a hero of the North, command your own city, raise an army and become one of the last hopes that can push back this dark foe and work alongside other allied heroes. Focusing on PVE and PVP strategy players can turn their sights on rival players in a bid to become the most powerful Nord in the realm.

The game is completely free to play and can be played through your preferred web browser or played via Facebook where users can share their progress with their friends and recruit them to gain in game bonuses. Offering stunningly detailed 3D cartoon style graphics and voice overs from professional actors including Patrick Warburton (Men in Black II, Seinfeld, Rules of Engagement and the voice of Joe Swanson from Family Guy) who plays the key role of King Björn the Awesome, one of your key guides through the game along with his own personal bard.

The primary objective in the game is to lead your Nordic stronghold to glory, as Lord Marshal you are responsible for acquiring various resources needed to construct buildings within your stronghold and train up an army to defend it. Not only that but your army is able to take on enemies, undead AI and rival player strongholds in a bid to earn ranking within the Kingdom as well as legendary items and gear to equip your hero.

Heroes can come from one of three key factions found in Shingård; the Orcs, the Elves and the viking Northmen, though there is no mechanical difference between the three each ones stronghold will have a completely different look and design based off a players choice. Their hero chosen and named players can work towards equipping them with all manner of items, similar to an MMORPG each hero has multiple equipment slots, from weapons, gloves, helmets, rings, armor and more that will increase their offensive and defensive capabilities. Heroes also gain Skill Points that improves the quality of the dozens of available units that can be trained up.

Training up a an army is a slow and steady process, typically requiring some of the three main resources: Mushrooms, Fish and Ale, training units also takes time, with players focusing on a wide selection of Offensive and Defensive units ranging from the simple Spearman and Shield Maiden to Elven Mages, Ogres and even various Dragons. To unlock higher level units players need to make Blood Pacts with neighbouring settlements, though in practice the Blood Pacts are essentially a technology tree, branching off into different sections, with their own Blood Pact pre-requisites, players will typically have to construct certain buildings to sign a Blood Pact and lure these unit types into their stronghold to fight for them.

The game continuously pushes players with an extensive tutorial offering up a long chain of quests to guide them through the various features and reward their progression with XP, resources, items and units. Beyond the tutorial these quests continue and range from tasking players with constructing specific buildings, taking advantage of certain features and as often as not attacking AI opponents and other players.

When combat is initiated, either against the AI or when a player attacks a rival stronghold or, if their protection has run out, their own stronghold is attacked then units will fight against each other in automated combat to resolve the winner based on unit types and overall strength. Players can watch the battle back with a replay and watch the combat animations of their units fighting against their enemy as well as gaining full battle reports on the outcome. Ultimately many players choose to band together and create their own Clans where they can work alongside their comrades, trade resources more easily and wage ware at a much greater scale, against individuals or other Clans as they compete for the top spot earning themselves glory and rewards.

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Nords Heroes of the North
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