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Nadirim is a free-to-play multiplayer browser game in an Arabian fantasy setting inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights. Explore the vast territories of Nadirim and its unique world of Arabian myths and fables to immerse yourself in an online role playing experience that has never been brought to browser platforms before!

The game takes the player into the world of the Arabian Nights, a world that is fictional in geographical and historical terms but incorporates the best known elements of Arabian fables and mythology like djinns, adventurous thieves, mysterious princesses, potions, alchemy, and – of course – heroes and villains.

Nadirim offers a massive world: play together with thousands of players to explore a single vast open world. There’s something for everyone: story quests for lore buffs; PvP and group combat for the competitive ones; and gathering for those who just want to have fun in their own world. If it's neither the lore nor the kill for you, then the land is filled with many items and resources to gather for crafting and even to use for building your own home within the world of Nadirim.

You can choose from three different character classes to advance through the battles with the forces of darkness. You can become a Warrior, a Sage or Rogue and roam the empire through exotic maps. Additionally, you can show off your personal style by customizing your character.

Nadirim takes players into a unique atmosphere: the beautiful graphics and the original soundtrack are there for one purpose: to make you feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face, and to make you forget about this monitor in front of you.

Plunge right into the game without any bother. You wont be annoyed by downloads, registration or monthly subscription fees.

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