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Mythborne is a F2P Hero Building MMORPG for browsers, developed by R2Games.

In Mythborne players take on the role of fledgling heroes rising in a time of strife and peril as the evils of the world threaten the humans and their peaceful lives in this ancient Greek mythology based free to play MMO. The game is a top-down isometric RPG that focuses on building up your character, recruiting new heroes and training them up, equipping them and increasing your overall Battle Rating (BR) that determines how powerful your squad of heroes are. This easy to access browser game is not require any client download and players can register quickly through the official website or signup using their Facebook account.

In the dark days the world was plagued by monsters, an endless battle for the humans that lived on the Earth and only through the acts of the strongest of these mortals and the bestowing of powers of the ancient gods that they served were they able to destroy the greatest of these enemies. To the West they journeyed to slay the serpent that slept at the bottom of the ocean and to the east the Dragon that could swallow the stars themselves. With their deaths peace was restored to the world but with no fight the humans grew weaker and these legends faded to myth. Open the heavens war broke out between the Olympian gods and the Titans, at the Titans undoubted defeat they released all evil back into the world from Pandora’s Box and now the world is in peril once more.

The main premise of the game is to recruit powerful heroes to your cause including the ancient immortals, the Titans and the Olympian gods themselves with the likes of Luna, Medua and Nike being willing to join you in your adventure. The majority of Heroes can be recruited from the Tavern and become accessible as players level up, whereas others are only earned through special Events, and all require enough Ale and Prestige to hire them into your services. Each Hero comes in a different quality to determine how powerful they are (Fine, Greater, Rare, Epic) and require the corresponding quality of Ale to recruit them. Each hero has their own class and skills that can be used in battle and can be progressively levelled up and trained to fight as a powerful squad, where strategy and tactics are required to balance out your attack and defence and utilise the ideal formation in battle.

There are other ways to increase your BR rating in the game, utilising such features as the Title system players can earn titles through various challenges or earning Honour Titles by meeting specific criteria conditions. Alternatively players are able to acquire particular items such as Skill Books, acquiring new gear that they can equip by either challenging the Immortals Dungeons, upgrading their Mount or using the Forge to advance and upgrade your own items or adding sockets to set powerful gems into your gear.

The game caters towards both PvE and PvP content, with a variety of quests and dungeons available for players to challenge and yield great rewards as well as areas to test their skills against other players. The Abyss is a level 30 upwards dungeon that has five levels that players must fight through, with monsters growing stronger and more dangerous with each level and players can earn lots of XP and unique items fighting here. Players can also fight in the Arena from level 25 where they can challenge each other to earn XP, prestige and also improve your Arena ranking and by defeating higher ranked players.

Mythborne is completely free to play however there are VIP Level features in place that players can subscribe to giving them extra bonuses and benefits in the game. What’s playing many of the features and actions that players can take in the game will use up stamina, a points pool that will automatically regenerates every hour but players can also purchase stamina boosts, the number that they can use is determined by their VIP Level. The higher the level of VIP a player has also allows them to tackle different features multiple times per day which would typically be restricted, so VIPs get the chance to earn more gear, Prestige, Astrals and more.

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