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Monkey King Online is a Free to Play Browser MMO develobed by R2Games.

Battle among the Immortals of the Heavens in monkey king online where you step into the boots of one of four key champions sworn to return peace through bloodshed if needs be! Based around the novels journey to the West and with key elements of Chinese mythology, Monkey King Online is a story driven free to play browser MMO RPG. The focus is to build up your own character, work together with other players and combat new challenges at every turn whilst uncovering the larger story arc. With stunning illustrated graphics and sleek GUI interface players will enjoy walking around the different environments and meeting new monsters and characters in the game

The solo based play allows players to pick up quests to uncover the linear story progression, earning XP, gold and item rewards as they successfully move from place to place killing enemies. Whilst the majority of the content is solo quest-based gameplay, there are many group based dungeons and team based events to get involved in, particularly towards the end game where players work together in player created Guilds and fight each other in open world PVP combat. The endgame concentrates on competitive gameplay with Guilds and players trying to work their way to the top of the various rankings and leaderboards.

There are three classes/characters that players can choose from, though there are no customisation options and each character is displayed by pre-rendered artwork, players will be able to name their characters to have their own identity in game. The three classes/characters available are: Monkey, Fox, Bull and Iron Fan, each of which have their own unique style of play, abilities and techniques that are cannon to the original novels.

Monkey is the main protagonist in this adventure, using his mystical arts and learned abilities such as cloud hopping and morphing he is a skilled and interesting character that spent 500 years imprisoned on the recent play finding his freedom. Fox is a keen and coming character, and able warrior she masks her attacks and uses deception to make critical strikes on her enemies, able to focus her Chi and augment her own weapons and combat techniques in battle. Bull and Iron Fan are married, husband-and-wife, one being the Lord of the fire mountains and the other a daughter of a noble, they are complete extremes from each other. Where Iron Fan is elegant and graceful Bull is stubborn and brutish, but both have sworn fealty to Monkey and his task, making a skilled and deadly team of friends.

The game comes equipped with a full AFK mode that turns your character into an automated bot with the push of a button, once done you will automatically run around killing specific enemies within the area until you turn the AFK mode off, thus allowing players to step out of the room and let the game play itself. This involves system even allows players to select which potions to use and when e.g. using mana and health potions to restore depleted resources, which abilities your character should use in combat and also at what point your character should automatically run back to the city to recharge and refresh.

This automated type of gameplay is also seen in the auto pathing feature where each quest and various menus there is a link to make your character automatically run to the needed location, whether this be seeking out a new NPC to continue the quest chain or running to the location for your quest where you need to either killed enemies or hand in an item. This feature means players do not need to explore the game world and will not get lost when looking for the correct location that they need to head to.

Combat itself is very standard with a number of abilities placed on the hotkey bar players can perform a variety of different manoeuvres that are levelled up over time, including new skills that are learned as your character levels up and increases their battle rating; a direct numeric indicator of how powerful your character is in comparison to other players.

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Monkey King Online
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