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MiraMagia is a mmorpg browser based developed by Travian Games. The game is completely free and let the player to choose from four classes to play: Mage, Druid, Sorcerer and Shaman.

In game there are plenty things to manage your character in the best way.

The player will have a house, a garden and a little field where he can farm several types of flowers and vegetables.

Also the player will have a pet that he must to nurse in every aspect.
The ambient and the graphic are very nice and that is one of the aspect that put MiraMagia with the best browser game around that have the best technical part.

There are also a lot of maps that players can explore and there is also a nice character progression, where the magical arts are fundamental to use all the abilities of your pet.

Player can finish also a lot of quest and they will give you rewards like money, upgrades for your character and much more.

The game can be played directly from your browser without any type of month-fee.

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