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Might & Magic Heroes Online is a web Browser F2P RPG Strategy MMO game.Developed By: Ubisoft

In Might & Magic Heroes Online players are able to step into the world of good versus evil, light against dark, the endless battle between life and undeath as two powerful factions collide in an endless battle and players rise as the Heroes that command the infinite armies that wage it. This free to play browser MMO features strong story driven RPG elements combined with a strategic and tactical based combat system as well as a variety of other staple MMORPG features including questing, crafting, PvE and especially PVP as players can go head-to-head against other users from around the world.

When creating your new hero players are faced with a choice of two different factions, well-known groups from the popular franchise players can either play as the masters of undeath, the sinister Necropolis Faction or as the Holy Empire and patrons of good and all that is holy, the Haven Faction. Both factions open up a unique story line to the players as well as offering a completely different styles of play when in combat from both the types of Heroes they can play as, the Units and Troops that they can lead into battle and the general flavour and themes of each faction opens up a different type of strategy.

Players can choose one of two classes/Heroes from both factions, a Hero of Might focusing more on physical attacks and strong defence or a Hero of Magic able to harness the arcane arts and mastery over life and death. As a member of the Necropolis faction players can choose between the Death Knight as their Might Hero’s, able to bolster their armies and curse their enemies as well as supporting their forces directly, alternatively there is the Necromancer who focuses on eroding body and spirit and has access to powerful spells to damage his enemies. The Haven Faction have the Knight as their Might Hero, Masters of strategy and tactics that inspire heroism and bravery in their armies or the Cleric Magic Hero who are able to protect their allies, exorcise evil and heal their troops with the powers of Light. As players progress through the game completing quests and winning they will gain XP that allows them to level up, in doing so they gain access to boosts for their armies to make them stronger, increase their own Hero attributes and gain access to new buildings for their Towns.

Units come in all shapes and sizes, from ranged, melee, mounted to less traditional flying and larger boss like creatures that players can face off against through various quests or even control and put into their own army. Whether for a quest, through exploration or simply going up against a rival player combat is the key component to the game, taking place in instanced based maps that are broken up into a hexagonal grid that players can move their units around strategically. The key to combat is to kill and destroy the opposing team and their forces, each unit open consisting of hundreds of troops signified by the tokens hit points, with the ability for flanking, backstabbing, extra movement and special attacks players must manoeuvre around terrain obstacles to try and out position and outlast their opponent.

Troops themselves are recruited from the Town, requiring resources and the type of Troops players can recruit depends on their faction, though for either side they are categorised into three different groups: Core, Elite and Champion. Core troops aren’t particularly strong but can be stacked high to give them extra hit points and bolster their offensive capabilities, Elite Troops are more advanced with more impressive offensive and defensive actions, though players are limited with how many they can field in an army at any one time. Champions are the most fearsome Troops on the battlefield, able to take high levels of damage as well as dishing out incredible amounts of destruction to enemies, as with Elites they are limited to hammer can be on the battlefield.

Players are also able to run their own Town, an important feature that allows players to collect resources and recruit new Troops, requiring a variety of different buildings to gain access to them, which in turn can be upgraded to both improve the Troops gained from them and also unlock access to improved units.

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Might and Magic Heroes Online
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