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Might & Magic: Duel of Champions is a F2P Card Collecting MMO Game developed by UbiSoft for Windows.

In this free to play card collecting game players get to go head-to-head against each other with their very own deck of cards built up using a variety of powerful heroes, various creatures and monsters, devastating spells, tactical fortune cards and game changing events as they battle it out to try and kill off their opponents hero. With hundreds of available cards players have innumerable strategies that they can utilise to try and defeat their opponents, creating unique and powerful combinations that are constantly evolving with new expansions and the new cards that they bring.

Starting out with one of three starter faction decks: Necropolis, Haven or Inferno, players must mix and match their different cards as per their preferred strategy and the style of play each deck benefits. For example the Haven deck is extremely defensive, prompting players to place creatures in tactical formations that will enhance the defensive abilities of adjacent units, whereas the Inferno deck is all-out aggression, trying to do as much damage as possible and bursting through the ranks of defences that stand between them and the enemy hero.

Each hero has a specific faction, with six factions in total and each with various different heroes available, which determines which units and creature types that hero can command as well as which magic school they are proficient in (eg. fire spells, water spells, nature spells, etc.). As well as this different heroes can sometimes have their own special abilities that can be used to boost their units or increase their resources so that they can play more powerful cards during the game.

The resources themselves take the form of Might, which is used primarily as a resource prerequisite for creature/unit cards, Magic, for using spell cards and Destiny, which is needed to play fortune cards, as well as this each turn hero accumulates an extra action point. Each turn the hero can choose to increase their might, magic or destiny by one point, draw a new random card from their deck and place it into their hand, or use any available special abilities. Each card has a specific resource prerequisite that must be met before that card can be played as well as an action point cost, meaning players must choose which resources to build up each turn and manage their action points carefully. The more rare or powerful the card the more resource prerequisites and action points will be needed to play it.

Players take it in turns to play cards from their hand, random cards that are drawn from their full deck, which can be made up of anything between 59 and 200 cards. The aim is to place creatures onto the battlefield that can then make an attack on the opponents’ hero and slowly deplete their hit points (typically around 20 hit points depending on the hero). Creature cards have an attack value and are the primary card used to deal damage to an enemy hero, whereas spell cards are typically used to deal damage directly to creatures as well as a whole host of other functions. A player can place their own creature card on the battlefield to block direct LOS (line of sight) to the hero so that an enemy creature must first dispatch that defender before it can make an attack on the hero itself.

Through playing games players will earn XP to level themselves up and give them gold to spend in the shop to purchase card packs, which will give them random cards to collect and build up new decks or improve old ones. Players are matched up with an ELO rating, based on your wins and losses so that you are paired up against players of an equivalent standing, which is typically representative of how strong/powerful their decks are (more powerful deck/player is often going to increase their ELO rating quickly southern they are not paired up against new players with weaker decks).

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Might and Magic Duel of Champions
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