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Metal Assault (often referred to as MA) is a free-to-play 2D shooter game, developed by GNI & Sesi Soft, with movement based on WASD keys and weapon aim is mouse-directed. The game’s back story is based in a modern timeline with semi-futuristic elements. It features different game modes: Death Match, Capture the Camp, Zombie infection, Mission mode and cooperation mode.

You gain experience through completing missions, quests, and through PvP and PvZ (player vs zombie) battles. However, there is a difference between level EXP and license EXP, which increases your proficiency with different types of weapons. There are 4 playable characters to choose from; each character carries a unique skill set to the gameplay (Carl, well-rounded and balanced; Burton, best suited to front-line assault; Marie; excels at long range combat; and Ai, support).

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Metal Assault
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