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Merc Elite is a free-to-play next-generation MOBA game developed by Bigpoint for Windows that combines modern military warfare with team-based combats in intense, demanding, and rapid sessions. The game is set in a world where governments have faltered and collapsed, and 5 power hungry multinational conglomerates have emerged and now fight for the few remaining resources. You can build up a team of mercenaries, join one of these conglomerates and take them into combat operations around the world.

The game features a unique direct-fire combat system based around the realistic use of cover as well as elaborate, varied battlefields offering a multitude of tactical options to ensure exciting, tense, and relentless action in ten-player team combat battles.

In Merc Elite, players may choose from 5 playable classes: Juggernaut, Assault, Recon, Heavy Gunner and Tactician. The Juggernaut utilizes nearly impregnable armor to enable close-quarter combat while protecting team-mates with high-tech shields from the brunt of the enemy’s attack, the Assault class brandishes an array of destructive weaponry to deal a huge amount of damage, the Recon class prefers quickness and cunning to defeat opposing forces, the Heavy Gunner takes position from a far to provide cover fire and shell the enemy from a distance and the Tactician that monitors enemy movements, implementing high-tech arms and shields or calls in air strikes.

Players have several ways to customize and improve their characters. As you progress through the game, your mercenaries will start to look more powerful, and you will unlock advanced military weapons, new abilities, and powerful new mercenaries as they direct their warriors, turning them into the world’s best soldiers-for-hire.

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Merc Elite
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