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Marvel Heroes 2015 is a Free to play Action MMO game genre, developed by Gazillion Entertainment for Windows.

Marvel Heroes 2015 is a completely free to play action MMO that puts players in the driving seat of some of their favourite heroes from the Marvel universe as they embark on a huge open world’s story arc filled with famous faces, villains, super heroes and locations. Created by David Brevik, the man behind both Diablo and Diablo 2 and a story written by famed Marvel author Brian Michael Bendis, the game captures all the feeling of an action RPG wrapped up in the iconic universe that remains true to its setting.

The story revolves around the shenanigans of Dr Doom, the brilliant but slightly insane super villain has managed to get his hands on the Cosmic Cube, an ancient cosmic device that yields on told power to its possessor. The Cosmic Cube itself has been tied in to many of the recent Marvel movies over the last few years including Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, emphasising how close Marvel are invested in this title. Take your place among other super heroes of the Marvel universe and battle through the villains that Dr Doom has rallied to his side in familiar settings and comic locations.

In the game players are able to choose from a number of iconic super heroes from the comic books, the likes of Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, Capt America and many, many more. Play through the game and unlock other super heroes and switch between them, levelling them independently and training up various available skills to match your chosen play style that reflects each heroes classic abilities. Bind up enemies with Spidey’s web slinging or call down the elements and powerful lightning bolts as the X-Men’s infamous Storm. Each hero will have unique abilities and fall into a different category type, either melee or ranged, with a focus on a particular statistic.

With each superhero comes a number of different costumes and skins to choose from, the likes of Classic Thor from the original comic books to the Avengers Movie Thor Costume, players can unlock these through various quests or by purchasing them within the in game store. Throughout the game players will receive various items of gear that they can use for their heroes, from weapons, armour to cosmetic items that are dropped off enemies, bought from vendors can be crafted through various resources gathered in the game.

The game can be played solo but some areas definitely require a group party to complete. One of the major features of Marvel heroes is that when an item of gear drops it shows as a different piece of gear for each player that can be used by their hero meaning that players no longer need to fight it out to get new gear. During combat when an enemy dies it will drop not only currency and gear but also health and energy orbs that can be used to instantly replenish your hero, as well as special purple orbs that replenish both pools, meaning players can keep fighting instead of suffering continuous down time.

Shop and crafting vendors, which can be found in the various superhero headquarters such as avengers Tower or the X-Men’s Xavier Institute, can have unwonted items and gear donated to them to level them up. The level of a vendor is personal to each player, by levelling them up they can unlock new items and schematics that are of a much higher quality to further help them in their adventures. The amount of XP a vendor gains is determined by the level of the item donated, each item having a typical rarity value.

The game is completely free to play but players have an option to spend real-world currency to unlock the 26 available Super Heroes and their unique skins. With a number of different packs and bundles consisting of different groups of Marvel heroes players can choose to pay to unlock a hero they want to play as or simply play the game for free and unlock them within the game itself. As well as superhero bundles players can also purchase in game currency to make their life in game easier.

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Marvel Heroes
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