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Innovative new concept , that’s what made Magic World Online distinguish itself above other titles. This game is the first MMORPG to integrate in-game video chat system and official robot system. They are all for the pursuit of gameplay and giving players more time to enjoy real-time community with their hands freed from repetitive grinding job.

The game world is set in a distant magic land, the Dynasty and the Empire, namely Humans two opposing camps once invited a catastrophic abuse of Gods Dominant Sword, a divine magic sword for the sealing of destructive Devils. On the edge of extinction, the sinful and helpless Humans have no choice but to try desperately to sink their differences and find the way out. For Humans ultimate fate, is there any underlying twist and turn left? That’s what players will experience in this game, which includes fantasy, bravery, love, loyalty, friendship and betrayal through various exciting innovative game systems.

Game Features includes:

- In Game Video Chat: Communicate with your in-game teammates face to face
- House System: Own a multifunctional house that'll meet your ever changing needs
- In Game Robot and Auto Navigation: GPS auto navigation in maps and auto-grinding
- Massive State War with thousands of players
- Growing Weapons that will upgrade together with you
- Making the most romantic proposal and getting married in game
- Raising special mount
- Infinite weapons and armors
- Instances System
- Official Position
- Multiple Living Skills
- Multiple Class Transfers: 16 ultimate classes

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Magic World Online
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