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Step into the world of Magic Barrage, where a powerful being known as Crassus has risen up a Demon army with the sole purpose of destroying all of humankind. Corrupted by a magical soul weapon, which was able to tempt even the most wilful of souls, Crassus has brought the human world to its knees. Stand up against Crassus and his demon army in this wonderful free to play browser-based MMO RPG with its charming 8-bit pixel graphics that sets an old school retro vibe and offers a score of classic MMO features to create a well-rounded game.

Players are able to begin their journey as one of eight different classes: Archer, Mage, Warrior, Priest, Ninja, Warlock, Paladin and Assassin, with only these first three being available from the onset (or at least during the open beta when this was written). The eight classes offer completely different play styles, from melee focused close combat fighters, long ranged attackers and magic users to the up close and personal damage dealing high crit type class; there is something for everybody.

The game controls are simple to pick up, using the WASD keys to move, including diagonal movement, the player must strafe between oncoming arrows, fireballs and other ranged attacks whilst trying to return fire themselves. Combat is done with a simple left click of the mouse, however, the game has introduced an auto attack feature and at least in the case of the Archer it will continue to fire unlimited arrows at any enemies on the screen that are within range, making combat particularly easy when players are swarmed with dozens of one-hit kill minions.

The game is particularly quest-based, used to unlock access to various dungeons that NPCs will send you into for whatever story driven purpose. Quests allow you to instantly teleport to the next NPC you need to speak to with a single button click, making the time wasting travelling back and forth between quest givers non-existent.

The main focal point of Magic Barrage revolves around its instanced based dungeons that players can take on either solo or with a party, these dungeons are filled with different mobs that players must work their way through once reaching the final boss, typically some daemonic creature risen by Crassus. An interesting feature of the dungeons is out once they have been completed and easy mode, the only available mode when first playing them, players can unlock normal mode and then later hard mode, which in turn offer larger rewards respectively. The faster a player is able to complete a dungeon the higher the score is at the end and the grade that they are given, which directly determines what quality of reward player will earn.

There are a number of other MMO RPG type features and mechanics that can be explored within the game such as basic crafting elements, forming Guilds, earning new pet companions and even PVP in the Brave arena. Players do not have to pay any money to play the game, however Diamonds can be purchased with real-world currency and spent in the game on various items that will help gameplay, unlock new features and also reduce cool downs on different game functions to make playing easier.

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Magic Barrage
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