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Mabinogi is a fantasy MMORPG teeming with exciting opportunity and adventure!

Dynamic Combat Experience

* Mabinogi's 2.0 real-time combat system puts you in command of combination attacks, defensive skills, counter-attacks, and special moves! All combat skills are interrelated: you MUST read your opponent's moves and react accordingly to master the art of Mabinogi combat!
* Easy to use, difficult to master! The combat system is very intuitively designed for players of all levels. For some extra assistance, you can just utilize the auto-combat mode to help manage your battles.
* Every Mabinogi battle is different! Leave the days of mouse-click warfare behind!

Skill System

* Activities in Mabinogi are enabled through skills. A swordsmen can learn the skills of a bowmen and bowmen can wield the magic of wizards! Anything is possible if you take the time to learn and train. Hard work and time is all you need to fulfill the requirements of each skill in order to master it.
* Your appearance is not the only way to make your character unique and personal. The skills you learn and master also shape your character's identity! Express yourself through appearance, define yourself through ability!
* As you continue to advance your skills, doors will open for you: You can earn more, learn more, and do more! Along with combat skills, Mabinogi lets players learn skills such as crafting, composing, and cooking among countless other skills. There's never a dull moment in Mabinogi.

Limitless Dungeons

* One visit to the dungeons of Mabinogi and you'll know this is a different kind of dungeon. The Limitless Dungeon promises a new and thrilling experience with each descent into the dungeon depths.
* Mabinogi's dungeon system is a one-of-a-kind, innovative system that no other online game offers. In Mabinogi's dungeon system, you are transported to different dungeons depending on the item you place on the altar. As you fight monsters in each passage, you obtain a key that allows you to enter the next room, with the level of difficulty of the monsters increasing with each room. Only the most battle-tested warriors will be able to reach deepest depths of the dungeons!
* Mabinogi's unique party play offers a new dimension of excitement and adventure for party play. Experience the challenge of a private dungeon or join a party and conquer more advanced dungeons as a team.

Production System

* Mabinogi's Production System allows you to produce your own uniquely created items within the game. In this Fantasy Life, create, customize, and sell your own items. Users can become famous just for creating high quality, high demand items!
* The Production System is a very comprehensive and hands-on system. Players will need to gather raw materials, necessary parts and provide the tools needed to make the desired item. Show off your skill through mini-games, creating higher quality items than Mabinogi's finest shops! A finely-crafted item will have the name of the user who created it embedded onto the item, spreading their fame throughout the entire Mabinogi world!
* Go out and start your own fashion line, or create your own weapons and armor shop! Grow your reputation as a master craftsman, and players will come to YOU for special requests! Anything is possible!

Part-Time Job System

* Mabinogi highlights Fantasy Life with endless opportunity. Hunting and fighting are not the only way to level up your character. You can find part-time employment from NPCs to earn EXP and money. From simple deliveries, material gathering, and even item making, there are numerous jobs available for players. True entrepreneurs can take items earned from jobs and sell it for a higher price to other users.
* Challenge yourself to participate in different job opportunities around town. Faithful work will earn the NPCs' trust and they will gradually assign you more important tasks.
* With the Part-Time Job System, interactions and relationship with the NPCs are dynamic, gone are the days of leveling up solely through hunting! Experience the freedom of true Fantasy Life in Mabinogi as you discover different opportunities and adventures.

Title System

* Mabinogi is a next generation online game that provides users a wide range of ways to express their unique personalites. Express your personality by customizing your character's appearance and further personalize your character through your game play.
* Mabinogi's Title System users' particular interests or skills by providing specific titles of achievement. Titles are not only for show, they also change the character's EXP accordingly. These titles can be obtained by fulfilling the title requirements. You can obtain multiple titles, but only one can be used at a time.

Modification and Enchant System

* No two items have to be the same! Tweak and upgrade store-bought items and add your own twist to weapons and armor. Modify or Enchant your item until it's perfect for you!
* Items used faithfully for long periods of time increase in dexterity. Appropriate NPCs can modify items for you. Each NPC has a general modification skill and a special modification unique to each NPC. It's important to find out each NPC's specialty and style before asking for modifications.
* Further personalize your Fantasy Life with custom weapons and items!

Composing and Playing an Instrument

* Mabinogi has an innovative system that allows users to play instruments. To play an instrument, you need an instrument as well as a music score. Users can purchase prewritten scores, or even manually compose a song on a blank score.
* Users can play composed songs and have other players listen to it as well! This creative system is found exclusively in Mabinogi; yet another avenue for users to explore Mabinogi's endless possibilities.
* At first, you might have a hard time playing an instrument, but as you train the skill, you will become better over time. Although you can only compose short melodies in the beginning, you will gradually be able to create longer masterpieces. Compose a song and even throw a concert with your friends! Only available in the Fantasy Life of Mabinogi.

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