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MU Classic is a F2P MMO RPG Browser Free-to-play game, developed by NGames.

MU Classic is a free to play 3-D RPG where players can control their own character, explore a vast realm filled with adventure and challenges and explore a wealth of in-depth features ranging from PVE to PVP content. With five classes to choose from players will be able to acquire and upgrade their own gear, unlock new abilities and skills and increase their power to face even greater threats in the world. MU Classic can be accessed through your web browser without the need of any plug-ins and does not require a client download.

There are five available classes in the game: Blade Knight, Soul Master, Muse Elf being the three starting classes with Magic Gladiator and the mysterious Darklord being available to higher level players. Each class has its own unique signature abilities and provides its own type of benefit when working with a group. The Blade Knight is the traditional melee focused combatant, skilled with a sword they can either focus on using their strength or agility to make them heavy hitters or more dextrous fighters. The Soul Master is a master of ranged combat and also works is a keen supporter in a group but their low hit points can make them particularly vulnerable against physical attacks. The Muse Elf, another formidable ranged fighter they can dish out almost as much physical damage as a Swordsman as well as being able to learn a handful of skills such as summons and healing abilities making them versatile characters. The Magic Gladiator is an all-out offensive combatant, only available to higher ranked players, and is capable of using both a sword and shield and come equipped with a variety of mage spells to make them devastatingly powerful on the battlefield. Finally the Darklord a terrifying force able to summon a Dark Raven and Dark Horse as his minion companions to do his bidding, this powerful class can only be unlocked by the highest level players.

The initial focus of the game concentrates on various Scenes, primary locations where players can find PVE content and unlock new features and generally explore the area, with all types of NPCs around there are dozens of quests for players to pick up and head off into the wild to slay creatures and monsters. Each Scene has its own level requirement before players are able to enter, making a more linear progressions system, and new features and events are unlocked as players level, such as the Castle Siege where Guilds can fight against each other trying to attack or defend a Castle Dragon Tower in exciting PVP. Players may also enjoy tackling Vulcanus, a huge Troll Boss that spawns at set times during the day where players can track him down and kill him for extra attributes, equipment, gems and more.

PvE combat is relatively easy in the early levels, with the automated systems players will be able to auto path to their required NPC or quest location to avoid getting lost and even allow the AI to control your character in automated combat as it cycles through your various skills and attacks to kill opponents. Once the number of required enemies have been killed as according to your quest requirements your character will automatically head back to the NPC quest giver.

Those players who like to invest time in world PVP will enjoy the PK system, players are able to switch between Peace and All mode depending on how they are feeling, in Peace mode players are unable to damage other players, whereas in All mode players are able to attack all other players is that are currently flagged with the same mode. Players also have the ability to fight as a Team where they can attack anyone but their fellow teammates, helpful when avoiding friendly fire, to Guild combat to battle players in other Guilds. If players PK enough opponents i.e. those who did not attack first, they gain PK Points and once enough have been acquired the character will gain Demon Status and their name flagged as red as a warning to all. When Demon Status is gained players are unable to use the Teleport function, they lose double their XP this killed, are unable to purchase items from the NPC vendor is all in the Remote Store.

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MU Classic
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