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Lunaria Story is a 2D side scrolling browser MMORPG developed by R2 Games, which takes players to the colorful and vibrant world of Lunaria, where powerful Tablets of Power, gifted by the gods have been stolen and corrupted, and where the players mission is to find the evil forces behind what’s going on, and put a stop to them.

In the game you can embody 3 distinct classes, each with unique skills and gameplay: the Swordsman skilled in melee combat and able to cut his enemies in slices, the Hunter who uses guns and bombs to destroy their enemies and the Elementalist which is able to conjure powerful spells that turn their enemies into dust. Once you have chosen one of these classes, you can complete exciting missions, fight against all kinds of enemies, create all kinds of items, and use the pet system, with which you can train and merge your pets to make them more powerful.

Lunaria Story also has an interesting PvP system whereby you can challenge other players in duel, and fight in the Battles of Might or in the weekly Guild Battles to get juicy rewards.

The game also has an AFK mode which allows characters to go from one destination to the next without having to do anything, accepting and completing tasks by automatically entering and finishing any battle it comes across. Even if the missions are within a Dungeon, your character will be able to complete them alone, without your help.

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Lunaria Story
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