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Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: Suba Games

Luna Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG where players can choose from a variety of evolving clsses as they take on quests and explore the world of BlueLand in an adventure focused game where taking on quests advances the story and allows players to seek out new areas. With its anime themes and cutesy graphics players can get access to thousands of items, mounts and pets to create and customize their own unique character and carve out a piece of the world for themselves. Rally alongside the three races; Elves, Humans and the dark Majin to fight the evils that now rise to threaten the land in this colourful and fun title.

Players can choose three different races in the game: Humans, Elves or Majin, the Humans and Elves have long been allies and recently the Majin have sworn to help them (they were made a playable race in the game). Humans and Elves have the ability to pick one of three starting classes: Rogues, Fighters or Mages, whereas the Majin are a classless system and instead have synergies with both physical and magical damage and defense, making them more of a hybrid class of the three Elf/Human classes, offering them more versatility but less specialization and power in any single area.

The main gameplay revolves around PVE and questing, NPCs hand out quests to players and reward them with items, gold and XP upon completion; each zone in the world is filled with monsters and enemies in a set level range and so as players level up completing quests they will progress into more challenging regions. Whilst players can fight in an area that is lower level than them they will get diminishing returns on their XP for fighting against monsters lower than five levels.

Once players reach key level milestones then they are able to unlock a new class tier, with six tiers in total it gives players new abilities and makes the more powerful with multiple class choices available allowing for greater elements of character customization. Levelling up isn’t the only way to improve your character and players can make them stronger by acquiring new gear, specifically armor and weapons, that improve various stats to make the character stronger as characters have multiple gear slots to equip items into. Aside from gear players can earn or purchase a large amount of cosmetic items ranging from colourful costumes, summonable pets and even mounts that players can ride around the world.

Gear is generally earned through quest rewards initially and as loot drops from monsters, particularly more challenging boss monsters, but players also have the ability to collect lots of different materials from loot drops or different gathering skills and use them in crafting. All characters start with crafting as a primary skill and using materials, moulds and equipment they are able to construct a variety of items, weapons and even armor to aid their character in the game.

Combat plays a significant role in Luna Online Reborn, initially with players engaging in PVE against AI controlled monsters; players pick up various skills and attacks with their character based off their class, which each have different playstyles. Skills and abilities are spread out across a players hotkey bar giving them full access to their arsenal of attacks, buffs and defensive techniques with ease. Characters will use up their mana when in combat, with more powerful attacks using up more mana, and they must also monitor their healthpool as well; many items allow players to replenish these and classes such as the Cleric are focused support to allow team members to stay in the fight longer. Alternatively players gain access to a variety of buff items as well as potions that they can purchase and equip to their htotbar for ease of access.

Players can also engage in PVP with other players, this is primarily done through the games faction-camp system, where upon creating their character players must choose their side: Red or Blue, and are unable to go back. The camps play a big part in PVP Zones where players are able to freely attack the enemy faction, as well as playing a dominant role in the Guild Battles system, allowing for fast, friendly and competitive PVP combat.

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Luna Online
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