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Developed by PlayCoo Co. for Windows, Lucent Heart is a free to play fantasy anime MMORPG, which combines exciting RPG gameplay with an unprecedented social experience on a zodiac theme. Interact with friends, find love, and explore the world of Acadia. It features a unique Zodiac System which affects verything from combat to character emotions. Players are imbued with power from the heavens, granting special skills, daily “horoscope” enhancements, and the ability to transform into a powerful “Zodiac” form, all based on their birthday and star sign. It also features a dating system With an extensive matchmaking service, where players can find true love and enjoy its benefits both on and off the battlefield.

Players will be prompted to make important class decisions that will affect skills, abilities, and role in this world. The two basic classes are Warrior and Mage. If you prefer to protect allies in battle with your mighty shield or favor guns over magical spells, the Warrior is the way for you. They can specialize to become Knights, master of the sword, or Gunners, skilled in ranged combat. If you have a fascination with magic and would use it to destroy your foes and aid your allies, then the Mage path is the answer. You will be able to hone your attack spells by becoming a Wizard, or perfect your healing and support abilities as a Priest.

Each time you log into Lucent Heart and select a character on your character selection screen his or her Daily Fortune will be displayed. Your Fortune is directly related to your character’s Zodiac Sign and it will change on a daily basis. Your Daily Fortune is split into five types, Love, Battle, Work, Wealth, and Agility. The bonuses provided from your Daily Fortune will always be beneficial and will never have a negative impact on your character throughout your gaming experience. This means you will only see increases to the different areas covered in your Fortunes, never a decrease.

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Lucent Hearts
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