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MMO Genre: F2P Fighter MMO
Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: Nexon

Lost Saga lets players fight each other in epic blood pumping battles in 3-D arenas with a choice of a wide selection of different characters, each with their own unique abilities that they can chained together for a unstoppable combos. Fight over a variety of different maps across lots of different settings in some exciting and unique combat game modes against players from all over the world. Lost Saga requires a client download and is completely free to play with some premium options.

In the game players will use the simple keyboard movement to move around the battlefield and perform combo attacks and special abilities unique to their character, with an innovative feature that enables players to swap their characters in the middle of a fight to change up their tactics and offers an exciting dynamic to combat. When a player defeats their opponent they are also able to pick up their enemies weapons and armour and use them themselves!

The characters available in Lost Saga are taken from a wide variety of different themes, from sci-fi to fantasy to a number of popular characters from history and literature such as Robin Hood, King Arthur, Daragnan of the Three Musketeers and Zorro. Many of the available heroes are matched up with a particular fighting style such as the Boxing Champ, the Samurai and Fire Mage as well as some unlikely seemingly non-combat characters such as the Rockstar and the Graffiti Artist. Each character has four unique skills that they can perform, exclusive to their character, such as unlockable attacks or manoeuvres to help them dodge blows and move around the battlefield. All characters are available in both male and female versions, even the iconic characters from history, and many heroes are freely accessible for some must be purchased from the game store.

As well as having such a wide selection of heroes available players can also customise their characters with a variety of hairstyles, hats and accessories and even more practical gear such as weapons and armour to add more unique elements to their character.

There are a large number of different battle modes available for players to try out, a mix of solo play with anything from large-scale death matches to single one-on-one duels, to team based games such as Power Stone where opposing teams must destroy the enemies power stone or Prisoner where two teams turn the enemy players into prisoners once they are knocked out in battle and their Allied players will try to free them before all the team is taken prisoner. There are also some unique mass combat games such as Boss Battle where up to 15 players can fight it out trying to defeat a boss, are randomly selected player who is buffed and who grows continuously stronger with each player they manage to knock out. Alternatively for those players that want a break from PVP there is a football/soccer game available as well as a Relic Hunt and Fishing mode, both of which allow players to earn new items.

To further add to the different combinations of game modes players have access to a huge selection of different maps where they are able to fight in the Wild West, high up on top of a city Skyscraper, around a Construction Site, a tropical ocean view quayside in Pirate Bay and more. Each map offers a whole new variety of tactics available to the players, with upper ledges to fight from or extra items that can be used in battle to give you the edge.

Lost Saga is a free to play game and by playing through the various game modes and challenges, whether PVP or the non-PVP many events players can earn Pesos as the in game currency to spend in the shop buying items, extra styles and unlocking new characters that they can play. However, for those players that lack the time to earn in game currency or simply want to access their favourite characters sooner they can buy Nexon Cash as a premium currency, bought with real world money, that can also allow them to buy items from the store.

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Lost Saga
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