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Let’s Fish is a Free to Play Fishing Browser MMO, developed by Ten Square Games.

Let’s Fish is a free to play fishing MMO that players can access through their chosen web browser, with a quick initial registration through the official website players can be playing the game in minutes. The purpose of the game is to level up and earn access to brand new fishing gear and gradually catching new fish as you journey around the world to new fisheries on the lookout for new and rare fish. The game is extremely casual, fun and family friendly and can be played for minutes at a time or engrossing players for hours.

One of the key elements to the game is your fishing tackle, the gear and items that you will use in order to catch fish on your travels. The most basic gear items come in the form of rods, bait, lines and hooks, players are able to combine different types of these items in order to catch different types of fish. When starting out players will have access to a simple rod and a lightweight line, which enables them to catch simple and small fish, as they level up and purchase better rods and heavier lines and they will a will be able to catch heavier and different types of fish. Using different hooks and types of bait, such as flies, worms, bread and corn players will attract different types of fish, and so with hundreds of different tackle combinations the main task of the game is to work out which gear is required to land the different types of fish.

The actual mechanics for catching a fish are extremely simple and easy to pick up; with the push of a button players cast their line out into the water where it will promptly get a bite and the player must then try to reel in the fish by rapidly pressing left mouse button. A metre gauge will appear on the screen with an arrow that continuously drifts into the red as the fish tries to get away, the bigger the fish and the less optimised your gear the quicker the arrow will drift into the red and the fish will escape. By clicking the mouse button players send the arrow in the other direction until they have pulled the fish into a circle that means they have caught it.

When a player catches a fish they see a picture of it and get details on the fish including its weight, which is compared against your previous catches to show whether you have beaten your personal record for this type of fish. If you have caught a particularly rare or difficult to catch fish then you are able to mount it as a trophy in your own personal collection.

By catching fish players will earn themselves XP, which over time will allow them to level up and reward them with coins in which to buy new items of gear. The higher the players level the more gear options they have available to them, extra rods and types of bait are unlock as you play as well as more specific gear items such as sea fishing rods and even your own boat. Players use the in game coin currency to purchase items but can also spend the premium currency to purchase boost items such as ground bait and nets. As well as this players will earn themselves talent points that can be spent in three different talent trees used to improve their fishing abilities and make it easier to catch fish in general or focuses more on specific types of fish e.g. sea fishing.

Whilst the majority of the game is solo play players are encouraged to be actively involved in the community, which is easy to do with the various tournaments, one-on-one challenges, daily quests and community competitions. Players can compete against each other in friendly competitions to earn themselves prizes, also players can speak to each other through the chat channel and even share their in game achievements that they unlock as they play the game.

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Lets Fish
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