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Let’s Farm is a Free to Play Browser Farm MMORPG developed by Ten Square Games.

Let’s Farm allows players to step into the shoes of a farm manager, responsible for building up your own farm land and ranch in this free to play farming MMO you can choose from a wide variety of different farm buildings and unlock various produce from cattle, chickens, crops and seeds that can be sold at market or used on the farm itself. The game is easy to access with players registering on the official website and they can instantly play through their web browser without the need to download any client software.

New farmhands will start life in relative comfort already having a few buildings that they can access and some pre-built fields to grow their crops, plus they will have the guidance of the trusty Knight who will give them directions on what to build, how to build it and what items they can produce. The game is extremely casual in nature and in many ways geared towards a younger audience with cute and colourful graphics. The main aim of the game is to build up your farm and continue to expand, continuously unlocking new buildings and learning how to grow new crops whilst competing with other players in friendly competitions.

Players will have a large space of farmland in which they can build upon, you are able to build anywhere in your on locked zones, though new zones are unlocked as players level up giving even more farmland to build on and expand. When constructing a building or laying down the field in your plot of land you can choose the location, layout and the rotation of your building, don’t worry if you place it in an area that you later regret as you are still able to move and rotate them even once they have been completed.

Construction of buildings doesn’t seem to take anything more than money and time, the money aspects is from the coins currency that players will earn throughout the game, often from completing various objectives from the NPC helpers that gives you tasks and missions such as erecting a specific building or selling a certain type of vegetable at market, and rewarding you for your efforts. With currency players can purchase buildings as well is items from in the shop. Once a player has access to the item or building then it can take a number of minutes or even hours until the construction is finished and players simply have to wait. Alternatively if a player wishes to spend their diamonds, which are the games premium currency items, then they can instantly complete production of a building or producing a resource to sell.

Players will continuously get asked to do jobs for the different characters in the game, rewarding players with gold, items and XP. There are also various daily missions that players can choose to do, or simply spend diamonds to instantly complete them, as well as various competitions to earn prizes. There is also a Tavern area where players can play a dice rolling mini game to try and earned items. XP in particular will increase the players level, the higher the level the more buildings you have access to and more improved resources, produce and seeds as well as having more farmland to build on as new areas are on locked as you gain a high level.

Players are encouraged to help each other by visiting each other’s farms, which can only be done so many times a day, and players will gain extra bonuses and benefits for introducing players to the game and adding friends. The game is very social and encourages friendly competition between the community, a constant live chat box is available where players can talk to each other, help each other out and share their achievements to the channel and also to Facebook.

The game is 100% free to play but players have the option of buying the diamonds premium currency with real money which can be used to buy items and boosters, such as fertiliser, to improve their farm and help their game, but everything is available simply by playing and players do not need to part with any real-world cash.

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Lets Farm
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