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Legends of Honor is a free to play browser based MMO set in a medieval realm where players take on the role as ruler over their own keep and lands, responsible for seeing the rise and advancement of their house and making them an influential power. Players are able to align themselves in one of three growing factions locked in an endless feud as they battle for survival and supremacy, players will be tasked with building up their own castle and army to defend their territories and use them to expand their borders.

The game is extremely PVP focused, whilst there are elements of conflict against AI controlled provinces and rivals, the majority of the conflict that players will face is with each other as they battle for the same territory and resources and ultimately vying to become more powerful than their peers and climb the ladder rankings. The game has an integrated chat feature to further compliment the social element where players can try to work alongside each other and discuss trade and other mutually beneficial agreements, or create friendly rivalries and try to destroy each other’s castles.

As players progress through the game they will unlock access to new Heroes, generals who lead their armies into battle; each Hero having their own unique stats and boosts, these generals can have particular units assigned to them, unit boosters and even equipment to give players full customization over their individual battalions. Heroes appear on the world map as their own individual icon and players can move them around the world to attack marauders, dragons and other players’ heroes or their castles. Combat can only be initiated with adjacent targets and when targeted players are given an overview of how likely they are to succeed in the battle if they carry it out based on player level, unit upgrades and general army composition; when committed to the attack both Heroes are locked in battle for a set amount of time until a victor is declared. Players are also able to lay siege and attack rivals castles; similar to a Hero players castles have their own garrisoned troops as well as wall and tower defenses.

Within the castle players can construct a variety of buildings that will give them access to resources and new features, homes to increase the population and decoration to improve happiness, which determines the castles overall proficiency. Managing resources and time is important, with near every action taking anything from second, minutes to hours and typically having a cost in resources, players must use strategy and forward planning to determine their most efficient use of time and produce. Each building that is constructed can be placed within the castle grounds, which themselves can be expanded to give players more room to build, and can also be upgraded to give it a more improved output.

Resources are passively acquired based off the production buildings within your castle, upgrading them to give a greater resource output, however they can also be acquired from raiding other settlements. A fairly unique feature also allows players to actively mine their own rocks to recover stone or harvest their forests for wood, this is done by simply clicking the mountain or forest by your castle with the mouse button and instantly receiving one resource, whilst not a lot it does mean players can actively acquire as many resources as they have the patience to get.

In a similar fashion to buildings players must also train the individual units available to them; Axemen, Archers, Calvary and more, instead of simply adding new units that supersede the older ones players will instead continue to upgrade these base units to make them stronger. Players are also able to produce and upgrade their own unit boosters that are assigned to a Heroes’ battalion, ranging from a Torch and other items to increase attack damage, or a variety of shields to increase defense damage.

Players are able to build an Alliance with others where they are able to band together and try to climb the leaderboard; their cumulative Honor attained from PVP determining their rank; players can also compare their individual position to see how they are doing in their alliance, their faction or the entire game.

Legends of Honor

Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: Goodgame Studios

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Legends of Honor
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