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League of Angels is a Fantasy Free to Play MMORPG Browser Game, developed by Uuzu.

This browser-based fantasy MMO RPG is completely free to play and allows players to step into the role of a chosen hero at the beginning of their adventure as they prepare to ultimately face the Dark Lord. On their journey they will entice a number of individuals and heroes to their cause that will fight alongside them in battle against the forces of evil. This simple point and click adventure concentrates on players levelling up their hero and their companions and equipping their party with epic gear.

There are two classes available to play else: the warrior or the mage. The warrior is your typical tank class, equipped with a high defences and physical attack but lower critical hit the chances. The mage lacks in defensive capabilities but more than makes up for it with their destructive power and high crit chances. Both classes have unique artwork drawn for both female and male versions of the warrior and mage.

Players will navigate across the world using the mouse to click on move, interacting with NPC characters they unlock quests to find out more about larger story arc in the game. The story has a blend of real-world mythology and typical fantasy elements and players will find a number of familiar names and references on their journey. Talking to an NPC will give a quest that can be accessed through a portal that transports players into an instanced area, which costs stamina to do and so players can only attempt a quest so many times in a given time limit and must either wait for their stamina to refresh or pay real world money to refresh it instantly. The game has an automated navigation system where players can click a link for the quest within their journal and they will automatically make their way to the required location to speak to the next NPC in the quest chain.

The quests typically consist of combat against a number of enemies before facing off against a boss; , is completely automated and players do not get involved once combat begins, both enemy and your party (including heroes and Angels) will automatically fights with the gear they have equipped and the skills they have access to. Both sides will continue to exchange attacks until battle is over, if successful players earn a number of gold coins that they can use to purchase items. Once a quest instance is complete the players are graded on their success, how well the player did and how quickly they completed the instance, and are given the chance to turn one of four facedown cards for extra rewards. These rewards consist of either gold or an astral tear, and item used to quickly level up and improve your Angel companions. Further awards are given upon handing in the quest; players are granted XP to level up their character, gold and sometimes gear to equip their heroes.

Angels are acquired throughout players journey, starting out with their first Angel Nocturna, players can collect more Angels as they progress, each of which has their own attacks kill and Halo, which gives tactical buffs two different party members. Players can level up their Angels by bonding with them which will allow them to gain XP and level up, using astral tears to give them quick XP boosts and even equip them with their own Aegis armor, one-piece available for each of the 12 zodiac signs that significantly increase the powers and ability of your Angel.

There are a variety of features available in the game from team dungeons where players can band together to take on quests, the forge system that lets players improve the stats of their character through upgrades and enhancements, to a number of reward features that grants players items and gear for simply playing the game. Some features have cool downs and limitations as to how often a player can be involved in them, however by subscribing and becoming a VIP member these cool downs disappear as well is unlocking a number of extra added features for the game.

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League of Angels
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