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LOCO – Land Of Chaos Online is a free to play cross-genre online game that provides an all new gameplay as it combines RPG, TPS and Tactical to a genre mix never seen before, its a free MMO game. Here the player makes a selection of three heroes and equips them with various skills matching the character’s true nature of a close combat fighter, a sniper, a healing supporter and many more. These heroes are now to be developed well and their skills evolved as high as possible to manage any phase of a match with the best opportunities possible. In teams of three, four or more, the players join either the Forces of Nature or the Army of Purgatorium and prepare for ultimate chaos on the battle grounds. With a thought-through strategy on hand, the players spread over one of the maps in LOCO and after various thrilling close combat situations and successful strategic manoeuvres attempt to turn the enemy’s base down.

The selection of three heroes gives possibilities unknown to strategy games so far. The player can evolve all three of them during a match and make tactical decisions by switching between them the moment circumstances change. With all players of a team interacting and switching their heroes at the right moment, a completely new constellation of skills and strength comes to light to handle a match’s later-on situations.

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