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Knight’s Fable is a browser Free to Play MMO RPG game, developed by R2Games and YOUZU Games Hongkong Limited.

Knights Fable is a classic point-and-click MMORPG that focuses on players building up their hero by earning and unlocking various items and gear whilst levelling up their character to make them a strong as possible. Players are able to collect and control various beasts to accompany them in battle and explore a wide selection of different game features such as PVP, quest-based activities, key events and even down time mini games such as fishing. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed through the web browser without the need for a client download.

Upon character creation players can name their character and choose one of four available classes: Knight, Magi, Fighter and Spiritus, each class plays differently and has different power sources, attacks and defences and the types of gear you can use. The Knight is a male character with particularly strong defensive capabilities and are able to life steal against enemies in combat and have exceptionally high defence and physical attack skills whereas the Magi is a female character with proficient magic capabilities adept at performing powerful spell attacks using her harnessed talents. The Fighter is a male class that is particularly strong in one-on-one combat and are both quick and nimble and are able to dodge enemies’ attacks but the female Spiritus focuses more on buffing Allied party members and debuffing her enemies with various curses.

Players will level up using the Start Level system which is vital to acquiring new skills and levelling up their hero, as players progress through the game they will unlock a variety of new features to help them in their journey. A players star level can be increased as they complete quests and various other activities in the game to acquire Stardust this. Players’ skills can be accessed directly off the skills menu on the main task bar and skills are divided into two different types: active skills and passive skills. Active skills are activated in a specific order that they are put into the players skill selection bar whereas passive skills are permanently active any time the player is in battle, there are a wide selection of skills to learn and the order in which they are activated can complement each other to build up larger combos.

Acquiring beasts and heroes are key to success in the game, heroes can be acquired when the player reaches level 25, here they can enter the Tavern and can acquire Hero Cards which give them access to the legendary heroes who will accompany you in your journey. Such heroes available are the Wise Duellist, the once Queen to a famed King that betrayed her country and is now a powerful magic wielder, or Poseidon who is the master of water and feared even by the greater gods as his Trident commands the minions of the oceans. Beasts can be acquired and upgraded through exploring the Dragon Den where the player will collect fragments, once enough of been collected play have the chance to try and tame a new beast (or upgrade one), the strength of the beast is determined by the amount of fragments are used. Some of the available beasts are the fearsome Gilded Griffin, a powerful flying magical creature, the Firefury Dragonlord as fearsome magic attacks and fire breath or the Corpse Commander, the ancient king that has been awoken from his slumber and serves as a protector of mankind.

Players are able to join an Alliance and then entered the Alliance War where they fight each other for glory and gain. This feature opens up to any Guild/Alliance level 2 or higher and consists of two main parts: The Outer City War and the Inner City War, though the attacking breakthrough a city wall using siege equipment in the shortest time possible whilst defenders try to stop them, if successful the top two from the wall battle entered the Inner City War (which is one if there are no defenders to stop the) and players must try to hold three different towers a set amount of time to accrue points and declared the winners. Players earn valuable rewards through playing in this event, whether only fighting in the City Wall been successful enough to go through to the Inner City War.

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Knights Fable
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