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Knight Online World is a free to play fantasy MMORPG developed by MGame for Windows. Step into a world of warrior and magic as you join one of the lands two great nations, the human empire of El Morad or the orc-like savages of the Karus Empire. Choose your race as either Male, Female or an enormous Barbarian, each with their own increased stats and available jobs/classes; the mighty Barbarians are locked to only the Warrior class, however Males and Females are able also pick Mage, Priest and Rogue. As a Warrior you will be the main melee combatant and the parties shield with your high hitpoints and defence. The mage fights from afar, hurling lightning and fireballs with devastating accuracy. The Rogue uses stealth and speed as a flexible role, using ranged weaponry as well as melee attack the Rogue also has some healing abilities. However, the main healer is the Priest, responsible for keeping the party alive but also armed with some offensive abilities and can debuff enemy opponents. Unlock new abilities as you advance through 80 levels, gaining XP from killing monsters and completing quests, which will also reward you with items, weapons and coin.

Player vs. Player combat is where the game excels, with unique Battleground/Event systems in place players can join epic 250 man battles in the Lunar War, facing off against opponents to try and be the first to kill the other teams 3 key NPCs. In Juriad Mountains two teams fight through three monster filled areas to try and reach the main boss, fighting mobs and enemy players along the way. Fight Clan vs. Clan, against both rival factions and even your own factions’ guilds, in a classic attack-defence castle siege where the attacking clan must try and destroy a powerful artefact deep in the castles walls and the winner laying claim to the castle for their own.

Whilst Knight Online World is completely free to play, there are three different paid subscription packages available that offer XP boosts, boosts to income gained from selling items at vendors and being able to buy them at a marked down price, as well as many more benefits, all that scale depending on which level of subscriptions you buy.

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Knight Online
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