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Kiwarriors is a browser based mmorpg localized in spanish and english. In Kiwarriors players can be one of the most known races in Dragon Ball, such as an android or a sayan.

The game offers a lot of features like a character panel, a global map, a ranking system, clan, groups and a strategy system. Thanks to all these characteristics players can fight each others directly from their favourite browser, starting train their characters and be one of the best warrior in the galaxy.

Once in game players will be introduced to the main features thanks to a very well done tutorial, that will explain to you how to move inside the Kiwarriors world. The game is integrated with the most famous social network such as Facebook or Twitter. The community can communicate through these two channels and some messages will appear automatically in the homepage. In the game there are a lot of abilities and when you exp you can decide to power up one of them, changing your playstyle.

Thanks to the global map you can move inside the world searching places where you can train of find resources, useful to develop the buildings in the base. The game presents some RTS elements too because you can develop several types of building inside your base.

Thanks to the individual statistics and to the beautiful ranking system the competitive part of the title is very well developed.

So if you are fan of the DragonBall world you must try Kiwarriors. The game is completely free2play and playable directly from your favourite browser.

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