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KingsRoad is a Free-to-Play Action MMORPG game, for Web Browser platafroms developed by Rumble Games.

Kings Road is a fast-paced free to play action MMO RPG that can be played directly in your web browser. Embark on an exciting journey through a beautifully designed world where players can play as three dynamic classes either solo or with friends. Unlock a variety of features as you progress through the game, master different levels and play them over again to unlock extra rewards and find out the in-depth saga that encompasses the realm of Alderstone and its people and the dark evil that threatens them.

The game revolves around taking on quests and fighting through instanced based maps, destroying bad guys, looting chests, earning new gear and coming to a climactic final battle against the level boss. The level design and graphics are simply stunning and for a free to play browser game really do show what these types of action MMO RPGs are capable of, the user interface is sleek and polished, the sounds are ambient and atmospheric and the gameplay is exciting, simple and yet addictive.

On the key features about the game is the dynamic classes that players can switch between by speaking to an NPC prior to embarking on their next quest. There are three classes to choose from including the defensive Knight who whilst not the most destructive on the battlefield can soak up the most damage and take on multiple opponents, the long ranged Archer has weaker defences but an exceptional attack speed and high crit rate meaning they can be devastating at range, finally the wizard who is a nice blend of both classes with a mix of long and close ranged attacks meaning he can handle himself at a distance and against any mobs that gets too close. Players are able to switch between these three whilst keeping all the features that they have previously on locked and share one character backpack so items can be used by all three classes.

Whilst playing players will receive gear and gold when in the quest and upon its completion will gain gems (the games premium currency) and XP that will slowly level up the particular class that was used for that quest. Each time a class levels up it gains a skill points that can be used to train new “Abilities“ that enable new attack powers or a new “Passive” that revolves around boosting hit points, attack power and defences, or they can improve one of their previously learned skills to make it better.

Passive skills, like many of the game is features, can only be activated once the class has reached a particular level. Other features in the game are unlocked when a player completes a particular quest, usually from the results of saving a town NPC that can give access to the provisions shop, the blacksmith, the alchemist and more.

The controls and combat in game are relatively simple, using the mouse left click players can move around the map and use it to target enemies and attack them with their abilities on the 1-5 keys, whilst quick slot items can be equipped on the QWER keys. Attacking mobs with your powers and manoeuvring around the map is basic and fluid, the controls feel very sleek and animations are perfect. Once an enemy is killed by drop gold or items on the floor which can be quickly picked up by clicking them with the mouse and doesn’t require the character to be next to them, players will also find a variety of chests during the quest, some of which require gems to open and will give extra rare loot.

When the player completes the map they gain gems from doing so, by replaying the same map they will earn more gems and once all the maps have been completed on the standard “normal” mode that players unlock these maps’ “heroic mode” that give even better rewards and once complete they will in turn unlock the “champion mode”. Gems can be earned through gameplay purchased with real money and are mainly used to buy cosmetic items or make the game slightly easier without creating any imbalance.

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