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Kingdom Rift is a F2P Hero Building MMORPG Browser Game, developed by R2Games.

Kingdom Rift is an exciting fantasy-based RPG and adventure where players step into the role of the Chosen One, a powerful hero that is destined to save the realm from the forces of evil that threaten the people of the world. In this story driven MMO RPG players will build up their hero skills, acquire powerful artifacts and weapons, acquire their help of powerful Goddess companions and head into the most dangerous dungeons imaginable to face off against powerful AI threats. Kingdom Rift is a free to play MMO with purchasable Recharge options where players can buy in game premium Gold currency or pay for a VIP membership subscription to gain constant benefits depending upon the level of membership they pay for. After a quick registration the game can be played directly through your favourite web browser and does not require a client download.

Upon starting their adventure players get to choose from three powerful classes: the Warrior, the Hunter and the Warlock, each of these classes has their own different play style and skills that they shall use in battle. The Warrior is the classic melee meat shield, able to take high amounts of damage with his strong defences and deal out vicious attacks in the form of his Crypts, Whirlwind and Charge skills. The Hunter is a ranged combatants focusing on taking down enemies quickly before they are able to close down to melee range, using such attacks as Rapid Fire, Deadly Tangle and Multi-Shot they can take on multiple opponents and destroy them quickly. The Warlock is the caster, focusing on mid-range combat they primarily focus on controlling their enemies with Flash Freeze, the buffing them with Curse and engulfing them with Fire Storm for devastating amounts of damage.

Players will primarily be working towards the various ways that they can increase their BR rating, a value that shows the player how powerful they are against other players (as player BR ratings are publicly viewable by checking out and other players profile in game) as well as AI threats and Dungeon ratings. By gaining XP through completing quests and killing enemies, as well as taking part in other in game features, players will level up which will not only increase their attributes and stats but also give them skill points to spend in upgrading their different skills to make them more powerful. Acquiring new items and gear, including mounts and other buffs and perks will all contribute to a players BR rating, more so players are actually able to enhance and upgrade their gear by spending Silver currency (as the common currency gained through questing) of and upgrade items to improve gear quality, similarly they can cultivate their Mounts to directly boost their stats.

Another way players can increase their BR rating is the acquisition of the various Goddesses in the game, powerful companions that will assist a player in battle. Goddesses can be obtained primarily through the main quest chain when players will first meet them when they hit key level milestones and then by spending Silver and acquiring the Tears of that particular Goddess they can be on locked. Goddesses themselves can be upgraded as well by acquiring Individual goddesses unique Artefacts, by upgrading and players can also unlock more powerful skills and highest stats for that Goddess.
The game features many automated systems, most predominantly is the auto pathing feature to instantly make your way between NPCs, where player engagement is only required to accept the quest rewards when speaking to an NPC, similarly there is auto combat where players will instantly attack the enemy required for completing a quest. As well as this there is a complete AFK feature that allows players to continue fighting the nearby enemy spawn whilst the player is away from their computer, setting up various Mac roles so that the character will automatically drink heal and magic replenishment potions as they need them, automatically skill up and sell items if needs be.

There are a variety of PVE focused features in the game such as Quests, Dungeons and powerful World Bosses, as well as more unique events such as Convoy Escort, Assassin Quests as well as PVP content in the Arena where players can fight each other to earn Arena ranking and gain powerful rewards and bonuses.

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Kingdom Rift
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