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King of Towers is a Free to Play Fantasy Tower Defense MMO for browsers, developed by Shinezone.

King of Towers is a free to play tower defence MMO based in a fantasy setting where players are the King of their own kingdom and must drive back and destroy the enemy greenskins, orcs and goblins, and their daemonic allies. With a quick registration the game can be accessed directly online through the official webpage and does not require a client download. The game is in many ways a classic Tower Defence game but has a number of unique features and twists to make the gameplay more original.

With a story driven narrative pushing players through the various levels they are guided by the different NPC’s that will unlock both the story and help players with the different game features that are unlocked as players level up. The basic principle of gameplay is that players will tackle different stages of a particular themed level, in each stage the player must stop the waves of enemies from reaching their base area. Enemies travel along set paths and players are able to construct tower defences in certain places adjacent to the enemies’ path that will attack enemies as they passed them whilst travelling the road, by successfully defending your base from the waves of enemies a player successfully clears the stage. However, if too many enemies get past a player’s defences then they will be defeated.

The waves of enemies are made up of different types of opponents, everything from fast moving wolves that can sometimes get past defences due to slower reload times but are vulnerable to Archer towers or the Cannon, which deals splash damage and is ideal for clustered enemies . The player has a finite amount of money to spend when they start a new stage, so they must be tactical about which towers they place down first as well as the position that they are built in, some defences will have no effect on certain enemies and waves can consist of different combinations of enemies. A flying Wyvern is vulnerable to an Arrow tower, but the defensive ground troops that are sent out from a Barracks are useless as the Wyvern can fly straight over them, in contrast the Arrow tower will cause little damage to an Armoured Orc and players will require a Mage tower to destroy these enemies.

As well as the towers players also have access to various spells such as being able to summon militia men at any point on the path that the enemies travel, ideal for temporarily defending and holding back enemies or catching the one or two that managed to get past your towers before they reach your base. Whilst this spell focuses on instant defences players can also get access to the Static spell which attacks a single enemy for major damage and the Hail spell that can target an area to attack clustered enemies.

As players successfully defeat waves they will earn in game currency that they can spend during the battle to add new towers or upgrade ones that have already been placed to make them more powerful, shoot faster as well as gain other bonuses and advantages.

Away from the actual battles players have access to their own Kingdom, here they can upgrade and enhance their various towers and spells to tweak their abilities and gear them towards different effects that best suit the player. As well as this players can access the Jewellers where they can create items from gathered resources, the Tavern to gain access to powerful heroes, individual units can be deployed anywhere on the map and have a combination of melee and ranged attacks, and many other buildings; new building features are unlocked as the player levels up.

Players can earn rewards and bonuses from completing the stages as well as advancing through the levels but there is also a quest-based system that encourages players to develop their Kingdom, enhancing their towers and familiarising themselves with the various features and rewarding them for it. As well as this players can access a number of features to pick up random rewards by spinning the wheel, turn over cards and other fun features that can help players improve their defences in preparation for their next battle.

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King of Towers
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