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MMO Genre: F2P MMO Base Defence Strategy
Platform Availability: Web Browser
Developed By: Ten Square Games

In Jungle Was players become the chieftain of their own tribe of savages, tasked with surviving the brutal jungles in which you live you must learn how to live off the land farming food and harvesting powerful mana to build up your tribe in preparation to take out your enemies and defend your village from them. The game offers high levels of strategy with both offensive tactics for taking out enemy bases in real time combat as well as shrewd strategy when designing your own defences with a variety of wall and tower defences. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed easily through your web browser after an account registration and does not require a client download.

The main premise of the game is to build the most successful, prosperous and efficient village possible, as Chieftain it is your task to manage your resources and time to establish a number of valuable buildings that will benefit your people and raise an army of tribal warriors to plunder and pillage enemy camps. With an overarching PVE campaign players will progress an ongoing story in a battle against various enemies such as the Spider Queen.

Players will require a whole host of different buildings, starting out with their village Totem this is the principle building and the heart of the village, to progress all other buildings to higher levels and gain access to more advanced ones players must first ensure that their Totem has been upgraded and must defend it at all costs as it is the primary target in a raid. Worker Huts are required to help construct and upgrade your buildings, and players start with two in their village, but to purchase more players will need to spend Premium currency gold coins. There are two primary resource gathering buildings; Farms and Alters, Farms are needed to produce food that can be used to purchase a variety of objects and some buildings whereas Alters can also be used for building upgrades but primarily is spent on summoning troops for your tribal army.

Constructing a Portal will allow players to summon a variety of different troops to their campfire, the size of the campfire determines how many troops a player can field at any one time, and the level of the Portals determines what type of troops a player can summon. With everything from melee Warriors, ranged Shaman and sneaky Spiders that can quickly plunder resources, players must build up the right arrangement of troops and field them successfully to take on their enemies when attacking their villages.

In the event that a player is attacked defences such as walls, traps and a variety of towers will ensure that movement between your prized buildings is considerably more difficult for your enemies in any attempted raid and if well-placed should be able to hold off any attackers without them causing too much damage and plundering too many resources.

In contrast players can also be the attacking party, able to take their troops into battle making attacks on either AI villages in the PVE campaign or other players in PVP where they will have to weigh up an enemy’s defences, try to isolate the weakest point and drop their troops in one by one that will then make their automated attacks on the closest defences as they work towards attacking the primary resource buildings and village Totem. Players are shielded when they first start out and so other players are unable to attack them until they either opt to remove the shield or attack another player, which will remove it by default, though players can choose to purchase these shields in the in game shop at any time using the Premium currency

Throughout the game players are given different missions/tasks to complete that will help them build up their villages to make them stronger and more competitive and in turn players are rewarded for their efforts with resources and XP that will help them further progress and upgrade their village. Players have the ability to make their own Tribal Clans with other players to orchestrate attacks against other players and rival clans as well as adding their Friends to gain extra bonuses.

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Jungle Wars
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