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Innebula is a mmorpg free2play browser based that can be played directly from your favorite browser.

In Innebula the players can build space ships, buildings and mines and exchange their reward with other players.

Innebula offers a very well graphic design that let the player to explore all the game world, divided by a lot of galaxies.

Innebula offers a lot of feature such as play completely free, no download, a really cool chat system to talk with other players and huge universes divided for languages and regions.

The game is perfect to be played by casual player, in fact Innebula can be played only few minutes a day to become competitive.

The game is also attractive for serious gamers that can play this at the same time with other games or mmo that take much time to be played.

In Innebula you can build different things such as hangars and places where you can store your ships.

Of course you can choose the favorite ship. There are a lot of ships in the game such as: invasion ships, useful to conquer other planets, colony ships, useful to colony other planets and a mothership, a sort of huge space base that can be moved in every other place in the universe.

The interface is simple and clean and there are a lot of feature, you need to take your time to learn all the feature in the game.

The graphic is in 2d and is one of the best around for a browser game.

Innebula is completely free2play and can be played directly from your favorite browser.

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