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Infinity Wars is a F2P MMO TCG for Windows / Mac / Steam, developed By: Lightmare Studios.

Infinity Wars is a “new-age digital trading card game” from Lightmare Studios, which is completely free to play and can be accessed across multiple platforms with a simple client download. The game allows players to create their own decks choosing various available factions and going head-to-head against other players in exciting strategic card duels. With a number of unique features that combines classic trading card games with the online digital medium the game tries to revolutionise the genre of MMO TCGs using game modes, exciting new combat mechanics and enhanced digital animations to bring the game to life.

One of the key features of Infinity Wars is the animated cards, unlike other Trading Card Games that use static illustrations to represent the card in this exciting MMO players are able to see just what exactly powers can do, how ferocious creatures are and creates a whole new level of immersion like never seen before.

There are currently seven available factions that players can choose from in the game, each of which offers a unique style of gameplay and required strategy to be successful in battle as well as units and spells that are unique to that particular faction. The Flame Dawn are able to hit hard and fast and can usually dominate the early game with high damage but grows increasingly stronger if players do not deal with them and let them enhance as they reach the later game. Genesis Industries are a strategic faction to balance, when done badly they can struggle when mastered they can be almost unstoppable using their card synergy. The Warpath focus on overwhelming the battlefield and sheer power with accelerated resources they aim to get as many cards out as possible with a strong offence. The Cult of Verore has access to the widest array of damage generating and removal spells in the game and when they enter the stage there is nowhere their opponent can hide. Descendants of the Dragon focuses more on a strong defence, utilising the game’s unique morale mechanics they can dominate and win a battle without ever damaging their opponent. Sleepers of Avarrach are key at manipulating the Graveyard and able to reanimate lost cards as well as controlling their enemies making them turn on their keeper. Finally The Exiles, faction that focus on sacrifice and death and are a chaotic faction to lead making a player used to a ‘normal’ game struggle when facing this opponent. The game promises to continue adding new factions with some regularity!

The field of play within the game is made up of different zones: the Defense Zone, Assault Zone, Support Zone and Command Zone, players are able to place their units within these various zones and manoeuvre them for strategic and tactical purposes to represent what actions they are going to take. Players play in alternating moves and go through the various stages of the turn, starting with spending resources, activate abilities and move characters between zones, once complete all actions will be resolved to see what happened during the round. Once completed all End Of Turn affects are triggered and take place and the game measures up each player’s health and scans the various win/loss conditions before starting a new round.

Each card is made up of a number of typical features such as its name, its resource cost that must be met before that card can be played, the power/attack value, the health/defence of the card and also its type and rarity. On top of this the cards have a unique morale cost, which acts as a secondary health pool for the players “hero”, this value being deducted from the controlling players morale once the card is destroyed. Cards come in different types such as Character cards that make up the base of the army, three of which must be set as “Commanders”, Ability cards to provide beneficial effects, Location cards that play ongoing continuous effects and Artifacts which works similar to Location cards but players can have multiple versions of the same card in play.

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Infinity Wars
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