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Set in the multiverse of the DC Comics, home to some of the biggest comic book legends such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and of course Batman, Infinite Crisis is a fast paced MOBA from Turbine that lets this all-star cast slog it out with each other and create some absolute carnage on the battlefield.

Players are able to currently choose from seventeen champions to play from falling into various different roles (bruiser, support, blaster or marksman) , the biggest and most memorable characters from the DC multiverse, both heroes and villains from all different ages. Play as classic Joker as you go up against, or fight alongside, Batman or even the lesser known Gaslight Batman from the Age of Invention, all of which have their own unique attacks and abilities.

The game is free to play and comes with a set of free heroes for players to choose from, as well as a weekly rotation of other iconic heroes and villains to get a short taster of what it’s like to play as these characters. Players can permanently unlocks champions using Merit, an in game currency earned through playing matches, or through the in game store.

The battles are played out on a variety of unique maps (currently two available), a change from traditional single map MOBAs, both the environment and atmosphere are unique, taking you to known DC locations, as well as the map layout and features. From Power Relays in Coast City that increase damage to your drone mooks, to Speed Boosts and Health Packs in Gotham Heights, each map offers the potential for a different type of game requiring different tactics.
Also both maps currently have different win objectives; Coast City has your classic “lane” battles and a fight into enemy bases, however in Gotham Heights, unlike other MOBAs the aim isn’t to fight your way into the enemies’ base to gain victory, instead pockets of fights break out all across the map as players fight back and forth over the same capture points, taking, defending and re-taking them to keep increasing your teams score.

As well as the difference between maps, each map has its own unique Catastrophic Event that each time can try to seize control of that will bring serious pain to the enemy. In Gotham Heights teams are able to vie for control of the Orbital Cannon, based at the centre of the map once the cannon is captured it will rain down a fiery meteor on the enemies urban jungle area whilst simultaneously acting as a sixth capture point. On Coast City players can take control of the Doomsday Device which can be captured and used to attack both players and enemy turrets and structures to push deeper into their base.
The destructible environment really makes the battles come alive in Infinite Crisis, buildings can be blown up, cars can be picked up by certain champions and hurled onto their enemies, and the catastrophic events are not only map changing, but game changing as well and can really turn the tide of battle in your favour.

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Infinite Crisis
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