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Hex: Shards of Fate is a Browser Free-to-play MMO TCG (trading card game),developed by Cryptozoic / Hex Entertainment.

Hex: Shards of Fate combines a wide variety of aspects from massively multiplayer online role-playing games to the strategic gameplay and collectable features of a traditional trading card game too great a unique hybrid genre. The core of the game revolves around players earning, buying and trading cards to build up their deck and compete against incredible AI or real-world players in a one on one duels, tournaments and PVE campaigns and dungeons.

In a typical battle players go head-to-head, each with their own Champion and an arsenal of skills, troops and other useful tools to try to defeat their enemy by reducing the Champion to zero hit points. Players’ deck is made from pre-designated cards that they have access to, however during battle these cards are shuffled and drawn from the deck and randomly so the key to victory is being able to create strategic moves depending on the different variation of cards that you may end up with in your hand. Players take it in turn to place different cards into play, however with the unique chain feature players are able to play multiple cards at the same time creating combos or add cards to counter an opponent’s play before it happens.

In line with the MMO RPG style gameplay players will be able to create their own Champion from a mix of different races and classes, from Orcs, Humans, Dwarfs and undead Necrotic players can customise their champion using unique talents as well as equipping them with gear and game altering abilities that will define the attacks and available cards that the player can use in battle. Some unique troop cards are also considered to be its socketed cards where players can socket gems into that particular card to add special abilities depending on the gem that is added, further customising the card and giving a unique strategy to that individual player.

Cards that players can build their deck from are made up from Troops used to attack and defend Champions, Actions that can buff, debuff and damage enemy troops and champions, Constants that acts as actions but have a continued effect throughout the game and Artifacts that can be used to give boosts and unique troops and abilities to your forces. There are over 700 cards to choose from and build your deck, each one can be levelled up and turned into an improved version of itself as well as becoming a foil card. The reverse of each card gives more details on a card, but players are also able to flip the card again with Hex’s unique “double back” feature which shows the various stats of that cards use as well as any and achievements unlocked.

Again with the more MMO RPG focused features players can form a Guild or join one where they are able to recruit friends and use a Guild bank where they can register their decks into “the gauntlet” so that Guild mates can practice against them, as well as Guild only tournaments or compete to be the best Guild and the world. Also Guilds are able to work together to try and tackle the PVE dungeon content and take down powerful raid bosses to earn this legendary gear that they can use to equip their Champions.

Hex is completely free to play with premium options and an in game store, players can purchase card bundles to gain access to more cards, as well as smaller card packs, though the cards that they will receive are completely random. The shop uses both in game currency and real-world premium currency, making it possible to never spend a penny. Players can unlock new cards simply by questing, winning tournaments as well as taking part in daily huge campaigns and PvE dungeons where unique cards and gear items can be found. Alternatively the game will host a full auction house system that will allow players to make trades through the chat client or directly or automated transactions using the auction house where players can purchase individual cards for their deck or sell off any items and cards that they do not require!

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Hex Shards of Fate
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