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Heroes of Newerth is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed for Windows, Linux and MacOSX by S2 Games. Another in a growing list of games in the genre Heroes of Newerth takes a number of steps to really get ahead of the competition boating 111 available heroes to choose from divided between the games two faction teams; Legion and Hellbourne, as well as a number of different game modes.

The premise of the game is to fight alongside your team and battle your way into the enemies’ base and destroy their tower base, to do this you must fight through waves of enemy NPCs, sentry towers and enemy players that are trying to do the same thing to you and your base; the first to do so is the winner. During battle you will face off against unique heroes, each one with their own stats and three unique abilities making every game a different experience. As you destroy the NPCs, towers and enemies you will gain coins to spend in your bases shop to buy weapons and items to improve your chances in battle and also XP to level up your hero and improve your abilities. Once the game is over your character is reset, each new game you will start at level 1 with no items or weapons carried over, all of which is part of the strategy behind Heroes of Newerth.

With millions of players Heroes of Newerth is a fast paced action MOBA that has really embraced the esports phenomenon and has its own Matchmaking Ranked (MMR) system that records your game stats, kills and losses on the public leader board as well as hosting a number of different cash prize tournaments.

Heroes of Newerth is free to play but does have some premium content items available to purchase from its shop, primarily focusing on customization and cosmetic items such as new avatars and icons, there are many products available to those who wish to spend a little cash.

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Heroes of Newerth
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