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Developed by Suzhou Snail Company, Heroes of Gaia is a free fantasy browser game. The main focus of the game however is on strategic warfare and is based on the popular Heroes of Might and Magic. Play with tens of thousands of other players online in this medieval fantasy world as you build your Castle, amass an army, forge alliances and lead your Heroes into epic adventures and slay fearful creatures that roam the land.Heroes will lead your troops into battle and defend your castle if it comes under attack. Without a Hero to lead them your troops can do nothing. Once a Hero is recruited he is yours to command and develop. When recruiting Heroes it is necessary to build a Tavern.

It’s the most popular browser game in China Ready to play directly in your browser, following the conflict between four races – Humans, Elves, Orcs and Undead, players will be thrust into this world of strategy and war. By gaining experience and leveling up, your resource output will increase gradually so you can eventually build a formidable fortress and assemble a massive army. Your castle will generate a certain amount of each resource every hour. There is also a set limit as to how much of each resource you can hold at any one time. You can upgrade your warehouse and research skills to increase the maximum amount of resources your castle can hold. Each castle you own will generate its resources independently. In your Castle, there are five critical resources: Lumber, Ore, Sulphur, Crystal and Gold. All of these are needed to construct buildings or train units, and they increase at an hourly rate even if you are not logged into the game.

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Heroes of Gaia
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