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Hero of the Obelisk is a classic fantasy RPG that takes you to the stunning and exciting continent of Abate, a land literally filled with dungeons waiting to be discovered and explored. Choose from one of the three starter classes; Swordsman, Adventurer or Scholar, and set off on your journey to uncover valuable riches and adventure!

The three classes players can choose from in the game cover the standard trinity; Tank, DPS and Healing, however there is an element of customization and specialization that is available for players to adapt their character to their preferred play style. As a Swordsman focused on strength and vitality you can focus into becoming an offensive powerhouse or a shield wielding defensive tank. The Adventurer focuses more on agility and cunning and can become a stealthy rogue archetype or a tech savvy gun totting combatant. The Scholar, with their high intellect and wisdom, can either follow the path of the divine to become a cleric healer or school themselves as an elemental sorcerer of destruction. Further customization and specialisation is available through the skill trees where players can further tweak their characters abilities.

Killing monsters and exploring dungeons is primarily the games purpose, offering a wide selection of locals and dangers all manner of quests will send you off into their darkened depths. Battle ferocious monsters and earn legendary loot. Battle your way through the maze of caves and corridors in Normal mode, or take on the extra challenge and play a dungeon on Hardcore more where bosses are ramped up and great teamwork is required to complete them, but with great risk comes greater reward! Complete a dungeon faster than anyone else and your name will be shown for all to see as testament to your achievement, as well as earning yourself an extra prize for the accomplishment.

It isn’t all about PvE and dungeon in Hero of the Obelisk, PvP takes a prominent position among the games features and offers a number of different PvP features for players keen to take on non-AI opponents. Duke it out in the Battlefield with team based point capture-defend games which allow teams of 2 and up to 4 to fight against other teams and gain PvP XP (and ranking) in the process. Guilds can engage in Siege Battles, attacking and defending a castle during a weekly battle where guilds can register, which supports up to 100 vs 100 battles. Finally there are open PvP areas where players are able to openly attack and kill each other, but only if you are willingly entering these PvP enabled areas.

Hero of the Obelisk pretty much offers all the staples of an MMORPG, dungeon crawls, PvP, guilds and even crafting elements with Enhancements, where players are able to upgrade their equipment to increase their stats with enhancement stones. These powerful stones can be uncovered from dungeons, quests, treasure chests, Open Fields or even by disassembling equipment and can then be reattached to your preferred armor and can also offer further specialization as they enhance your characters skills.

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Hero of the Obelisk
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