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Hero Zero is a free to play flash based browser game that lets the player take on the role of a wannabe fledgling superhero; starting out as your average Joe type neighbourhood watch who does little more than save kittens from trees and helps old people cross the road, in time your hero will be in every villains’ nightmares! Begin your journey and watch as your hero escapes their sleepy little town and heads out into the big wide world of gangsters, thugs and criminal masterminds.

The game is set in a wonderfully created comic book world, with amazing illustrative backdrops to showcase the various environments that you will find yourself in on your adventures; Hero Zero perfectly combines action with humour making a hit for all ages. Combined with its very casual gameplay the game is easy to pick up and play with a very shallow learning curve, but the amusing tone will keep players engaged.

Starting out your chosen hero is fully customizable, from their name to their overall appearance; everything from lips, eyebrows, nose, hairstyle and more to perfectly depict your hero or heroine to just exactly how you want them to look. Design them to look like yourself or even your favourite superhero from film and television, there’s no end to what you can create.

However, what is a hero without their own costume?! Choose from dozens of different clothing items and accessories to really give your superhero their own flavour which can be earned through completing missions to using the in game shop and buying some of the crazy accessories in store. Look over the shelves and pick anything from sparkly sandals, flowery shirts and fluffy night gowns! Whatever you wear make it your signature piece and make sure you stand out against the hundreds of other heroes that fight crime alongside you.

Pick up a day job to bring in some extra cash, but be careful on how you manage your time as whilst you’re working you won’t be able to go out on any missions, which can be damaging to your public profile. Coins are useful for buying accessories and boosters, much of the things you can do in game take time, which means waiting for one thing to complete before doing another, but with premium currency you are able to speed up this time and finishing things instantly so that you aren’t waiting around too long.

Advance your character and increase their abilities by completing various Time Missions or Combat Missions, gaining EXP to boost your skills and abilities and coins to upgrade your gear, consumables and cosmetics. As you level up you’ll unlock new areas to the city and your missions will take a drastic turn away from the low key to something more appropriate to a Superhero as you take on diabolical supervillains and take steps to foil their dastardly plans.

As well as etching out your heroe’s story by fighting AI in PvE mode, players can also engage in Players vs Player combat in the duelling system and from it earn Fame to recognise who is the top hero.

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Hero Zero
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