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Hazard Ops is a Free to Play Online Shooter developed by Yingpei Games

In Hazard Ops, the world has been exposed to terrifying creatures, into dimensional cyborgs, mythological beasts and undead zombies that now walk the earth since the advent of a new portal technology that has opened up the world to all manner of terrifying threats. As a member of an elite group of mercenaries you are tasked with subduing these threats in the closing the portals down, using your skills, gear and know how to fight against the biggest threats that the world has ever seen.

Hazard Ops is a fast-paced action shooter that has in-depth PvE and PvP features for players to explore with arcade style combat players can make up a team of eight and fight through a variety of game modes and an extensive campaign that sheds light on the overall story. Either work together with players in cooperative combat ticking down monstrous enemies, or fight against other players in team death matches for some high adrenaline action.

Fight in Survival mode where players must beat back hordes of zombies that come wave after wave, an interesting mechanic allows zombies to damage the environment, breaking down windows and doors to reach the players during their attack round, however players have the chance to try and repair these defences, either during the battle or during the downtime between waves in preparation for the next bunch of zombies to appear.

There are multiple maps that players can explore during the various game modes and campaign, memorable locations that have been designed with detail where players can discover new locations by destroying the environment and even using it against enemies. Whether fighting across the huge Dam Site in a Cop or Versus mode, exploring the Russian Front map where players must manoeuvre around the snowy abandoned military base or even duking it out in Final Boarding; a partially destroyed airport occupied by deadly mutant soldiers, there are some wonderful and strategically designed maps to fight across. In PVE mode. Players are able to choose their own difficulty settings, from normal difficulty to an advanced that triggers extremely challenging boss fights that use unique attacks on seen by other creatures.

One of the keys to success in battle against these into dimensional beings is the tools of the trade, players are able to access a whole host of different guns, armour and accessories to help them in their fight. Perhaps arming yourself with some classic machine guns, sniper rifles or SMGS will do the trick or perhaps something a little more adventurous like an Ares Freezer rifle that fires off specialised cooling bullets to freeze and slows down enemies or a Tesla Crossbow to fire off electrically charged crossbow bolts that deal area of attack damage. As well as this there are all manner of flash grenades, claymore mines, first aid kits, turrets and shields that can be used to give your mercenary the edge in battle against the challenging AI or enemy players. Players are able to further enhance their base weaponry with a variety of modifications, everything from bayonets to silencers, magazines, stocks, sites and more to further customise how a players mercenary feels in battle. Players have access to a number of different loadouts that they can switch between, however accessing these new loadout slots requires players to level up and unlock them, making them more versatile in battle. As well as weapons and equipment players also have access to some gear, armour and suits that players can customise each individual piece that offer them protection but also give a unique character customisation.

Players are able to pick up quests that are focused on both the PVP and PVE content, encouraging players to get a number of kills in a PVP battle or to destroy the boss on a specific map a certain number of times that once completed unlocks a player’s achievement to give them extra boosts, bonuses and rewards. The game is completely free to play and does not require any subscription, however players have access to the player store where they can purchase items using real-world money micro-transactions, typically focus around buying equipment and EXP boosters.

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Hazard Ops
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