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Hailan Rising is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG heavily focused on PvP developed by Reloaded Games. The game is set in a ruined world devastated by the evil Death God Krow where only the realm of Hailan has survived. Players have to join the remnants of either the Human or Orcish empires, and fight for control of what is left of the world.

Hailan Rising tries to abandon the usual standard grind present in the majority of MMORPGs to give players more accessibility and more space to show their true skill. There are no levels in the game and players can join the game's ferocious PvP battles immediately. Without levels, player's survival is based only on their tactics and their skill as fighters. A new player can easily join a group of veteran player and be useful.

One of the game's main features is the unique Etherea System which extremely enhances the character's build customization. With this system, players can learn spells and abilities from other classes giving them unlimited possibilities to experiment and build their character.

The game boosts a huge 2-factions PvP system and a lot of different zone types with different PvP rulesets. The neutral zones are the safe area where players from all factions can trade and interact without the risk of being killed. The contested zones are the PvP battlegrounds, each one with its own objectives and goals which will give bonus to the winning factions. There are also other zones with guild PvP contents or with little goals for small groups or individual PvP. Moreover, each kill you score will rise your PvP ranking, so if you are more of a lonewolf and want to fight for your own glory, you can avoid the faction-based PvP and go all by yourself to see your name on the highest places of the PvP ladder.
The game also offer some interesting sandbox features such as player housing, personal aircrafts, the option to play in a full looting PvP servers which offer pickpocketing too, guild halls, raids upon opposing settlements and even more.

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Hailan Rising
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