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Grand Chase is a Free-to-play MMORPG Game developed bu KOG Studios for windows.

Set in the land of Bemesiah, a continent that has been at peace for many years has fallen victim to the sinister plot of the Dark Queen, Kaze’aze. By killing the Queen of Kanavan’s advisor Kaze’aze use dark magic to polymorph herself to look the same as the advisor and take their place therefore having the ear of the Queen herself. With Kaze’aze manipulation she began a war between Kanavan and the Seradin Empire, a long bloody war that nearly brought on both empires to its knees before Kaze’aze true identity was discovered. The Queen of Darkness fled and was hunt down by many factions that have suffered in the war and in the aftermath the Queen of Seradin created an independent faction of swarm soldiers to defend the continent known as the Grand Chase.

Grand Chase is a free to play 2-D side scrolling real time action MMO where players are able to fight cooperatively alongside one another or go head-to-head in exciting PVP battles. Players can explore a vast world picking up different types of quests, from quests that all give XP and gold, dungeon based quests, job quests and events missions that are available during special events that players must register in. Completing these missions and quests players earn rewards, job advancements and even new characters.

There are nineteen characters available in total that players are able to unlock, once a player has access to them they are able to put them into one of their four available starting character slots, making this character available to play. Once a player has locked in a character in one of their slots they are unable to remove it, further character slots can be earned in game through events or purchased from the games cash shop. Each character acts as its own class, giving players the chance to use unique abilities, skills and combos in combat and offering a different style of play from melee focused classes, magic casters, ranged Bowman, to characters that can transform into wolves! Each character has their place in the world and their own story background and come in a variety of different races from humans, elves and even Demons.

The game is very PVP focused with a number of different PVP modes available that allow players to fight one another for rewards. Players are able to fight each other in a survival mode where it is every man for himself or in team battles with up to three combatants per side. Tag Matches are where players choose to characters (or the same character to times), and the player can switch between their two chosen characters with the push of a bold and the first player to beat both opponents wins. Honor Guard bounces all players stats and divide them into two teams making one of the players from each team Warlord, the VIP character with boosted stats and only two lives (everyone else has infinite lives) and the first team to kill the other players’ Warlord wins. Finally Smashing is a race either 1v1 or against teams where the players must smash a particular objects for the other team can.

Players can explore exciting dungeons in the game, each of which has four different challenge ratings, rated with 1 to 3 stars and a separate Champion Mode, which determines the number of enemies and their difficulty that will appear in the dungeon. When fighting through dungeons players are able to gain XP and rewards as well as picking up monster cards that can be attached to weapons, armour and equipment to give them boosts. Monster cards can randomly drop on the different mobs and bosses found in dungeons and come in a variety of different versions and rarities, from Common to Relic.

Outside of combat players are also able to own the house, which they can decorate and furnish it with a variety of different items and also grow a fairy tree that fruits edible items that can buff the player. In Grand Chase players can also try to collect various pets that are available in the game, from the cute and cuddly to the daemonic and robotic there is something to suit everybody.

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Grand Chase
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